Last night at the Steem Fest Opening Drinks 🥂💃🕺

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What a wonderful evening it was meeting up some known names and some very new people at the Fest.
The opening drinks started at 08:00 p.m. and we were all there catching up much before that.
I meet some old pals from the beginning of my steemit days @anomadsoul @louis88 @joythewanderer
Then I also meet up @slobberchops who I have been regularly interacting with and then the very jovial @bubke. Then there was team India @firepower, @aishwarya who were busy at the registration desk, and so many others.
I could not believe I was actually meeting up people from this world of Steemit, which for two and a half years for me was just about making my blogs and networking online. It was an emotional and a very overwhelming moment for me.

The night has just begun

With the team Malaysia with @olegh326756 @khimgoh @kaerpediem @littlenewthings

With old pals @anomadsoul @joythewanderer and @slobberchops



That was just a small glimpse from the Fest, as ot progresses I will keep sharing updates and pictures.

Thank you for visiting my blog

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How come we haven't talked so much?? Tomorrow will go find you ! :D or if not, slap me in the face real hard so I recognise who you are :D #joke

Glad to have met you @waybeyondpadthai

Wow, seeing all the known steem people like @anomadsoul, hearing about @firepower and @aishwarya makes me happy. Can't wait to see more photos from you guys. Wishes from all.

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Sure you will see loads of them all over steemit :)

I wish I was there😭😭. I'd probably freak out if I saw some folks though e.g @anomadsoul

It is a very overwhelming moment for sure :)

I can tell😭

Amazing😋. Keep the photos coming. I wish i'm there😢

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Thank you @abdex9, yes I have shared many more pictures in my following posts, you can have a look at them.

Have fun and please find a way to bring Steem up to US$ 10,000.
I am old and I need the money. 😘

All Steemians have the same target and looking forward to, lets hope that all the new actions being taken will result into the rise of the price :)

It is cool

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Thank you @paragism

Have fun!! Wish I was there 😅

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Oh yes, ot would have been nice to have you around. Hopefully next year we do meet :)

Yes!! 🙌🏼

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Hey @stackin - I count on you for SF5 as I love to chat with you and maybe as well a !BEER or two!

Hey @stackin, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Haha thank you so much for tagging me. So nice to meet you!

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Same here @littlenewthings, I still can't get over it :-)

Looks like you have been having an amazing time at Steemfest - getting to meet so many people in person.

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Ohh yes my dear, it was really such a nice feeling to meet people in real world. I really really wished you were there, I hope next SF we both can make it and meet up.

Hihoo @nainaztengra

thanks for meeting you and even more thanks for all the laughs and the fun we had.

Take this healthy and non alcoholic digital !BEER from me. All the best and hope to see you soon again.

Thank you my dear beer friend @detlev, wonderful to have met you at the fest. Awesome time with awesome people is all I can say.

Hey @nainaztengra, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you @detlev

If the SteemVerse wasn't already special enough hahaha
Meeting the people behind the usernames just makes it that much more special
It was great meeting you <33