SteemFest² | Aftermovie - Portugal, Lisbon

in steemfest •  10 months ago

Here is video edit from the @steemfest , this is full highlights from amazing 5 days in Portugal ! I'm planning to post extended version at some point as well, but at this point here is the best of steemfest2 in Lisbon. While writing this I would like to thank people which help me a lot to create this video. First of all I would like to @roelandp who organise event, trust me and allowed to film this event also @firepower who welcome me to @steemfest crew and special thanks @timsaid who let me use his amazing drone shots.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 00.44.10.png

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Great work bro! It was great to have you in the team at Steemfest and thanks to @timsaid for helping out with the drone shots. :) Looking forward to the next event!


Yea what a great video! So nice to see you rocking the SteemFest Banner!
Great to meet you this year, thanks for all your help and contributions to Steemit and SteemFest!
And yes @timsaid those drone shots were EPIC!
Full Steem Ahead to SteemFest3!


My favourite web site steemite
I hope all other user like it.


I hope the next steem fest will be venued for India as we all want be a part of it we love steemit... @firepower and @timsaid



Do you guys review products or promote other author's posts? for a fee of course.


Yes man! Totally enjoyed working with you.


I totally agree with you. The images are crystal clear. Wish to join steemfest in the future. Still a newbie here. :(


Steemfest Portugal what a great event!


please am a good writer and i am new can i get a resteem on this my post
it a drama you will love its emotional

That was sooo amazing!! Loved watching this!! very well shot and produced, so incredible!! really looking forward to working with you in summer @mynewlife!! Im excited already!!!! xxx


I hope i get to join the team.. Remember me in Paradise as


Glad you like it! And yes we will make something during summer 100%

Great work! It couldn't be more encouraging and exciting. Steem on everyone!


You said it all Man..


Thank you :) Steemfest 3 is going to be even bigger and better :)


So true. Love to join steemfest in the future.

What an awesomely cool video of a truly fantastic time!
Not only was it fun and entertaining but you could really get a feel for how much everyone enjoyed SteemFest and also how cool/happy/alive the group as a whole was!
Also I got to work with you personally/privately while there at SteemFest and you have a great eye and are very professional. You do great work and I am grateful to have got to collaborate with you. Excited to see those photo shoots we did and your continued progress/success!
To SteemFinity and Beyond!


really fun...!
But! we are sadly unable to be together
great people like you during Steemfest's big event in Lisbon
good luck..... @quinneaker

I thought there will be only few people but no I was wrong.
I love the way steemit community is evolving.


Yeah, exactly. Steemit community is very strong.

Wow! This is great stuff. I think events are the best way to grow the community. I have more luck with outreach in person than I do online. cant wait to see the rest of this


see directly as the theater is more entertained and will feel that we are in that game

i like this post Loved watching this!! very well shot and produced, so incredible!! really looking forward to working with you

thanx again R! super epic after movie. shivvers!


We all would not have been there together if not for you @roelandp
Big thanks yet again!
Full Steem Ahead to SteemFest3!


You doing amazing giant strides to see Steem grow
You are blessed


A true taste of Steemfest2 -- a great testament to the joy and love shared in this epic event through your efforts @roelandp. Thanks again for so many epic times!


You are always top @roelandp keep up the good job. Maybe the next steem fest will be in Germany?
I tried accessing steem chat but no success. How can I reach you? wanted to ask you something relating to Dev job.


I love such events as they bring successful project owners such a platform of the audience
I hope to expand to a wider range
i like steemfest

AWESOME!!! I've been looking forward to this, and you have exceeded my hopes! So much energy and excitement. You really captured the spirit!

GREAT work, you are a real pro. I especially love the hair flipping cut :)



Oh thank you, glad you notice that cut :)

Dooooooood, That was SO SO awesome my friend! What a fantastic tribute to an incredible Steemfest! You are a legend for reeelz, such a fantastic cameraman, SO many great shots and really well put together as well. IT must have been quite a mission finding all of those highlights and then choosing them.....Im glad my stupid dancing made the cut ;P haha x x


Its impossible to not include you in it


I loved seeing your shining face and your "stupid" dance again @basilmarples. Great times, for certain.


You stole all the attention from the cameras, bro! very good summary, brings very good memories of the seemfest2


yeeeeah, great memories! Hopefully we will do it ALL again someday! :)

Oh yesssss @mynewlife
You just took me back in time and forward to the number 3!!!
Amsterdam was awesome, Lisbon marvellous and @steemfest 3 will be SMASHING!!!
Can't wait to find out where I have to travel this time, to see all those incredible talented, creative and fun Steemerzzzzz again.
Such lovely clip!!!


I promiissed you going to be in it :) Thank you for kind words


It was such a nice surprise to see all those "Lovies" and your masterpiece , of course also you again. Its weird that I never seem to catch your posts!!!
Grrrreat work !!!!

Feeling relaxed now with Steemfest clip, after watching terrible market crash whole day...

Awesomes… precious memories! See you at SF3! ;)

Nice ;)

Awesome video man! This kinda brought back good memories to everyone who visited Steemfest 2! I'm waiting for Tim to send me some drone shots so I can make my own SteemFest 2 Action Cam video! Cheers Paaji :D
Btw thanks for making me the hero of the film :P

HELL YEAH! Epic stuff @mynewlife! Honored to be featured :)
Watching this gave me goosebumps. Can't wait to see everyone again at STEEMFest 3!


Meeeee tooooo :)

Finally😜 Great work Raf! This makes me miss everyone😭❤️


Where are your shots ?

What an incredibly nice movie! Amazing job!
I'll definitely watch it a couple of times... just to re-live the whole thing again :-)

Thanks for refreshing our memories in such way!


Glad you like it :)

Loving @steemit, every minute of the day more and more. Everyone in this community generally has the same ethos in mind and I cannot wait for @steemit to reach its full potential.

It is certainly one of the uses and functioning blockchain platforms that truly work with the original intentions coming into fruition.

great work... long live steemit

This is amazing!! Great work!! Those dance shots! Holy smokes so cool!
Thanks for the time hop! Cant wait for Steemfest 3!

In the history of photography, we have many masterpieces in terms of black and white books. You have Bresson's 'Decisive Moment,' Frank's 'The Americans'... many masterpieces. But there is nothing to this caliber in color. Well, I think I'll waltz with my muse and hope that I might be able to produce something on this order in color. Ralph Gibson

Thank you Dear for such a nice photography!

I'd love to attend steemfest and meet such great people from all over the globe.

Fantastic video -- really wish I could have been there. You've done a great job of capturing the energy and excitement of the event - and Portugal looks beautiful! You've gotten me excited about Steemfest 2018. Will be following along. Thanks for sharing!

Ahhhhh...the priceless moments together at Steemfest2! What an incredible capture @mynewlife. We are all incredibly blessed by this contribution to the remembrance of the never-to-be-experienced again times. I am so grateful to have met you, to have witnessed first hand the magic of your inspired eye, and to know that as incredible and over-the-top this video is....there will be more amazing times to come.

Excited to see you again, and to get another taste of your amazing work. Thanks @mynewlife. You're the bomb!

Wow seriously great work; so many amazing moments captured in this video. It really solidified for me just how real this project is becoming and how fast we are growing. I am so beyond excited for the future of Steemit, and I defiantly will be at the next event!

loving it ;)

wow!!!!!, i want something like this @luzcypher, @mithrilweed <3


You better be there for #3 :)

i cant believe it...


Amazing work!! Hands down one of the best Steem related videos yet! SteemFest² was epic and you made it visible! It was great to meet you. We're certainly looking forward to SF³ =)

Great video of the highlights. Looks like you had a great time.

just amazed...

It would be nice to do something like this in Venezuela. I loved it.

Nice one

Really cool stuff and well done. I actually discovered Steemit at an event so I now this type of meet up works. Very nice video for sure.

Keep it up dear. Great work. Keep the steemit fire burning

congratulations and good luck on your desired goals.

Looks like an amazing event

Looks like it was fun. Need one in Texas

Ese es el sueño a seguir... Go. Steemit.

Nice video.....It looks like alot of fun! And to see so many people and people of diffrence age, country and way of life it gives me great vibes!

Super professional work @mynewlife !!! Video creation by highest standard!!! Awesome SteemFest2, great memories. Cant wait to come back for meeting!!!


Thanks Ivar :)

@mynewlife Really Awsome Man you are doing great job

ok already I vote. do not forget to vote back

A mate of mine is a great landscape photographer here in Australia, we took a visit to his gallery and he put a yabby on my ear:!/v/givesaminute/923jhn0f


Yo this is so cool! Makes me even happier to be a part of the steemit community. Hopefully if we continue to grow you'll see my family at the next Steem Fest

Wow ! U really make Steemfest rocks ! I m quite certain steemit will be more popular than Facebook or Instagram soon ! I m just thinking if I should learn from you to make Sth like in hong Kong ! Lol

Steemit provided you with resourceful people.

Nice post. Thanks if you want to visit back my blog.

Wow can't wait to have ours here in Lagos, Nigeria

hey this is awesome. you showed us. Even if we can not go you show us
thank you @Mynewlife :)

wow very nice :))

Awesome footages Raf! It was a pleasure meeting you!

oh man totally epic! If we have one here in the states next year I AM THERE!

wow very nice :))

thank you for the effort,

wow...!!what a nice and wonderful post @mynewlife . i like your SteemFest² | Aftermovie - Portugal, Lisbon post. thanks for share it

Holy shit! The camera work, the music, everything is tight. Excellent work in the video. It really makes me regret not going.


Thank you , glad you like it , took some time to selecting and cutting clips

Wow! That was a great event, and in Portugal <3.
I love Lisbon, I hope I can live there soon :D.

good post friend, I invite you to see my blog

travel and videos of interest to me. greetings from Aceh-Indonesia.

This whole event has such cool and positive vibes! I wish I was there!
Maybe, next time!


Was thinking the same thing...

Wow, i really like you video, Although I do not know about Steemfest :D

This platform is getting more and more amazing from time to time..

@mynewlife, Steemit is power!!!
Regards of @shaly

your post is very useful and very good
I like the same post you are so beautiful that so much to take the wisdom of your post
thanks for sharing the info that is very captivating
once again I say thanks as much as possible to the admin

Would Really love to be in the next steemfest.. someone pls help out..thanks

What a trip back to Memory lane! Amazing video editing! you should put it on Dtube to have it stored in the blockchain forever!

nice work

Amazing! I love it! Looks like good times!

Did you go to Lisbon solely for the meet up? Committed and dedicated! :-)

Good post, I really liked, I hope you also liked my post @mynewlife

Cool! So Many Emotions)))

Japan is waiting on you.

awesome work on the video 👍👍 love this

go steemit go,,,
@mynewlife great

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Party, party, party, party, party, ¡CONGRATS!

i Know Its Out Of Topic Bt If You Check It Out You Will Fell In love With Pakistan

Hi @mynewlife, your video is amazing and it's perfectly shot to encapsulate the steemfest vibes! I didn't know the second steemfest is over already, i thought it's every November on an annual basis. Correct me if i'm wrong lol me and my dates are usually haywired...

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Seriously though, that was an epic video, @mynewlife!
Hope I'm able to attend the next Steem fest!

Nice,I want and in my country will be someday steem fast 😊

very nice video . excellent job

@mynewlife: I always dreamed to be with your there.
and can take a little part of the wonderful moment
alongside SeeemFest2 in Lisbon. ..

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What a wonderful place! I have been there last year too. Hello my friend, I' m Carmen from China. I also like traveling. If you want to take a look at mi blog. Welcome~(◕ᴗ◕✿)
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Good initiative

This is great what your doing in your community keep it up your doing a great job much succsess to you

We stopped chasing the money as well ... many years ago, we try to survive and do what we love most .. traveling. Hello from beautiful Lisbon ... too bad we missed Steemfest!

I'm glad you liked Portugal.

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We will make an appointment with the steemit users of our country very soon.