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RE: Steem: the smart person’s blockchain, but what about the herd?

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Perfectly laid out... I've had conversations with different Steemians from time to time, how our "elitism" at times is a hindrance...

Meaning that this blockchain, or to be more accurate, the dapps, can't just cater to nerds (i say this lovingly), but to the grandmas and moms who just want to share pictures.

I think it's also an indication of how early in the game we still are. But then again, the dapps might be the one solution to "fix" this all...


Good thoughts... Steem/it seems so unfocused, but I guess that's organic ... still I wish there was more professionalism, seems like there's always amateurish stuff and failed deadlines occurring... rumors but little visible action

I think that speaks more of the cryptosphere in general... It's very hard to meet deadlines in the world of software development. There are always unpredictable elements that pop up.

Even though there are extremely talented coders working on blockchains, we still have very much a young capital of human resource, thus some of the things you describe become painfully obvious.

I think a lot of the emotional turmoil this causes on us, the early adopters, has more to do with our expectations. I constantly revise my own, and for perspective look at some historic evidence.

How did the .com evolve? Who failed? Who succeeded? Why?

Yes grant you, its not the same, but drawing the parallels is not hard to do.

yes, it's true ... things are 20/20 in the long run, but being present in the development phase is a headache. I can't make heads-or-tails of it most days, but along for the ride.

new follower, take er ez (-: ty

There are a few good posts around which explain various aspects of the chain bit it's not beem easy to save them this last year. Still some new front ends like steempeak and partiko do have faves available so it's better!

It is an effort!

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what exactly are steempeak and partiko anyways? ... not to bother u 2 much ,, ty

Just dapps to allow to access steem, better interfaces than steemit - steempeak is for the PC and Partiko for yr mobile. I use both.

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How did the .com evolve. Actually good question! Bedtime research for me there!

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Yup absolutely fair point... I would've phrased it that way but it just didnt fit tje way the post evolved.

I guess there is a temptation to appeal to the data heads. But I agree, the 80% just have no interest in that!

You can only do so much at a time!

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