I wanted to cry but I could not 😂 @Steemfest

in steemfest •  2 years ago

Time does fly! Looking back, Steemfest was almost one month ago.

First of al I want to thank all of you for having such a great Steemfest experience and for the great stories and conversations. Many people tried to cry but they could not, and that is a quite normal thing cause crying on command is difficult, especially when its I bet during the awesome Steemfest event.

But at least someone made it work for us, and therefore @ballinconscious is officially the first person that donated a tear during Steemfest. Below you can see his unique tear shed during Steemfest imaged under the microscope.

So a big thanks to @ballinconscious for donating his tears during the session giving me the opportunity to image your tear and adding it to the Imaginairum of Tears database http://micrographstories.com

Thanks again and I hope to see you soon (maybe at the next posable Steemfest).

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Congrats @ballinconscious that is one solid tear man!! Excellent execution @mauricemikkers! Hopefully I will be talking with you about mine soon!


Thanks @blueorgy, lets have a chat soon about what we could arrange :) Was good to see and speak to you at Steemfest.


Haha Thanks, It was a yawn tear that I learned I had the ability to make at the tobacco theater :p Making those solid tears is my new super power!

Thanks Again @mauricemikkers for giving me such a great opportunity to have this unique experience. I will be making a post about my experience soon. It was an honor to be able to donate my tear drop at @steemfest for you ^_^

If anyone needs help with tear generation, watch this beautiful short music video.