Steemfest update!

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I know all of you have been waiting on an update here. The reason you didn't get one is because, well, there is just sooo much going on here at Steemfest (and I do mean that in a good way).

Today there is nothing on the calendar, so I'm going to give you all a little update on my experience with Lisbon and Steemfest.


I'm a sucker for street art and this city is filled with it. People are lovely and the food is amazing. This is a city I could see myself live in!

One my favorite things to do here is just purposely getting lost in the tiny alleys, to then jump into a random place that caught my attention. Other than that, the city is filled with incredible viewpoints, which well, I tend to like a lot!



When I arrived I didn't really know what to expect, and I would first like to give a huge thanks to @roelandp, the organisation is top notch!

As for me, I've been pretty much spending most of my time between tipsy and slightly hungover, haha! I'm getting to meet so many amazing Steemians all with incredible projects and being the social drinker I am, weeeell, you see where this is going. One of the steemians I want to do a little special shout-out to is @lifemovedbysteem, we had quite an amazing talk the other day and I can't wait to talk to her more!

It seems as if a lot of things are falling into place for me here, which is quite overwhelming. Some of you may know I won the hackathon together with the incredible help of @orogers. We're working on making the Steemitworldmap entirely open source, for non technical people here, open source means that everyone can improve it or make their own version of it. Which I believe is quite cool! As you may know, I am currently financially in debt, but winning the hackathon really helps towards that and should make it so I have more time to work on the map and several other projects I've been asked to join in! It speaks for itself I'll redistribute a good part of the 2000 won steem (say whaaaaat!!!) to everyone on the Steemitworldmap team!

I'll give you guys a more extensive update when I'm not as hungover, haha! But at least you have an idea of what's going on here!

Oh, for all of you who want to support amazing travel content, do delegate to @steemitworldmap , you can see the curated content here: #traveldigest
I'll start a trail to, but streemian seems to be acting up at the moment!


!steemitworldmap 38.634036 lat -9.096680 long d3scr


Super congrats on the hackathon win!

Great to meet you and good on you for making it here to SteemFest and making moves!

Full Steem Ahead!

so glad you got to go! : )

So glad you got me to go!!!!
Thank you once again, it was an amaaaazing trip!
Pity I couldn't meet you there!

It was fantastic to meet you @martibis and congrats again for @steemitworldmap! I'm having a blast exploring around it and can't wait to learn more about the project. We'll track you down on / discord to talk more :)

-- Kirk (the @sndbox guy)

The pleasure was entirely mine!
Awesome to hear you enjoy using it!
Did you manage to find me? I am more active on discord: "Steemitworldmap and Martibis"

Hey! I'm having trouble tracking you down, could you message me @voronoi in Discord? #6753

I'll keep looking ;)

On it, now hitchhiking back to Belgium, so I should be available tomorrow as tonight I'll be sleeping like a baby, haha!

Edit: voronoi#6753 on discord?

Yes that's me! Looking forward to connecting. Get some rest though!

(I'm still recovering, lol)

Well done!!! I love the look of you winning Hackathon

Thank you so much!
Haha, yeah, I was quite excited!

Thank you, will loop you all in more once I'm home!!!

Grandissimo @martibis!
I love your SteemitWorldMap ;-) Congrats!
Where can I contact you? SteemitChat?
This is Lucas, Steemitri's host, I was travelling for a year too, and I would like to share some ideas with you.
Let me know
Big hug from Switzerland
Lucas and Steemitri The Mannequin

Heya, glad to hear you like it!
Discord is the best: "Martibis and Steemitworldmap"
I'd be up to bounce some ideas!!!

Great... will contact you tomorrow or in the next days ;-)

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Great job my friend!

Thank you, quite a crazy trip so far!

I've been tied up for a bit so haven't kept up-to-date on your progress @martibis - I assume you are on the way home or are already there?

Gongrads on your win. I've been really enjoying Steemitworldmap. It's a great way to visualise my posts. Nice that you have decided to open source it. I have no programming knowledge but maybe this is a time to give it a try. Would love to be able to add my older posts but i understand they are now locked in the blockchain.

Thank you so much! I really like the way you've been using the map for your amazing artworks!
You should, it's so valuable to know a bit of programming!
Well we maaay have a workaround, more on that later!

Wonderful that you won the hackerthon and You generosity redistributed the winnings despite your personal situation. I am constantly pleasantly amazingly suprised by the talented and generous people on Steemit.
Keep up the great ideas.


Well, it doesn't seem very fair to me to keep it all, as I wasn't the only one who was working on it, haha!

i am glad you made it to steemfest and having so much fun! thank you for steemit world map!

So am I, it's been quite an amazing journey really!!!
You're welcome, I'm glad you like it!

I am so grateful for our amazing conversation on the deck with the rising moon. I am so excited to see all the amazing things that you have in store for you this upcoming year. I have a feeling things have just begun to manifest in your life. Big incredible things are coming your way, I just know it. Big Love my friend. I am grateful to know you :)

Yes it was really amazing meeting you!
It really seems to be that way right!
Likewise, I can't wait to meet you again!

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Congratulations because of the "big fat check" hahahahaha
Found u man! Hope to see u soon! Was a lot of fun to meet u there! Cheers, keep in touch!

Hahaha, thank you!
Yeah, we should definitely hang out somewhere in Europe some time!
See you around!

Really grateful you got to go there :) Glad you enjoy it!

So am I, it's been an amazing trip so far!!!

Great :) Enjoy the rest of it, you deserve it!

Hey @martibis, congratulations on your 1st place in Lisbon. Could you please help how to geo-enable the browsers. I tried to add my location from Chrome and Firefox but 2 times i get the message that i need to geo-enable my browser and i don't find the setting. Much love, following to support this project.

Heya, you shouldn't have to enable it!

After you click the code slider, you can just click anywhere on the map and the code will generate for that location!

Hey you! It was very nice to meet you at Steemfest! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Steem on!

Likewise! It was a real pleasure meeting you!

Well done! I'm a proud mama X

Hey dude, very nice meeting you. Best wishes on the rest of your travels. If you are ever in Lisbon again you are very welcome! I am no longer a Steem virgin having created my first post. Best wishes!

Likewise! Well, I've just finished hitchhiking back to Belgium two days ago!

Awesome, I would love to come chill out in Lisbon again, that's for sure!

Cool to hear you've made it on here, looking forward to your content!

Glad to hear your back home. I bet you need to recharge your batteries after all the traveling, coding, drinking, socialising and more travelling . See you around! :)