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SteemFest²: Bridging the Gap Between Perception and Reality

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Steemit INC

One thing that was clarified for me recently is that the company is Steemit, the website is and the blockchain/token is STEEM. I think they are dropping the "inc" part as it's no longer needed for clarity.

ton of opportunity in creating profitable 3rd party apps

It's hard enough to make anything profitable, let alone profitable in the speculative environment of cryptocurrency. I have no idea, but I think Smart Media Tokens do have the potential to shake things up a bit. Ultimately, if a company is providing value and can do so at higher rates their their expenses, that's where profit comes from.

I don't have any pictures of me surfing there (but I did take the sunset picture I put into this post). The waves weren't that amazing anyway, but I have an older post with some pictures of me surfing in Costa Rica which you can see here.

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Yeah I had seen those Costa Rica pics before! You look pro out there!