Steemfest² — Lisbon Memories Hyperlapse 🎥

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Steemfest2 - selfie2.jpg

Yesterday's announcement about SF³ was also a wake up call for me. It reminded me that I hadn't yet shared my sweet memories of this extraordinary event. Remarkably, @roelandp had pulled it off again. The Steemfest in Lisbon turned out to be an one-of-a-kind experience and happy time for everyone - including steemit inc staff and developers. Today, a lot of steemians are not so happy and optimistic anymore about the progress of the platform.

This year's Steemfest in Kraków will be very different. But we should be safe to assume that Roeland and his @steemfest team will be able to execute with excellence again. They can do anything!

Please enjoy some Steemfest memories from November 2017 in Lisbon.
And if you happen to recognise yourself, let me know in the comments!

Thank you @roelandp, for keeping Steemfest and the Steem spirit alive!

I can do anything
I can do anything today

I can go anywhere
I can go anywhere today

I can be anyone
I can be anyone today

It's great to be with you
It's great to be with you today


Music: "I can" by Minnutes; Album: Pretty Baby
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Awesome man! Can’t wait for SteemFest3!

Ahh that was a sweet montage man lol.

So many good captures in it too :)

I saw "@snookermarly" hehehehe.

Lookin' forward to SF3 brotha!

My room-mate!!! Maybe this year we can do it again??? :)

See you there :)

Awesome composition @lrock! I found myself in there checking out some artwork at the LX Factory STEEM Art Gallery haha Well done! See ya in Kraków

woh! great hyperlapse... brings back memories! Let's go 2018! Kraków this week for preps!