Video-Series "Hackathon in the Steemfest" #1 - Introductory video plus the opening words of @roelandp.

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I came back from Lisbon last night. The truth is that until now I could not write ...

... I could not.

Too many emotions in these days of Steemfest 2, too many people to know, too many new things to listen to, to see, to do and to talk about.

Steemfest 2, as well as Steemfest 1, has been an experience that I will never forget, something that makes me put, not only my intellect but also my heart in the Steem's Blockchain. Thanks a lot to everyone with whom I had the opportunity to spend at least a few minutes.

You all are already part of my story.


One of the things that I personally did was to film several of the presentations, including those presented at the Hackathon that happened on October 31st. With those recordings I'm going to make a series of videos about the Hackathon. From what I have seen there are not, so I am very happy to have filmed them. The first of the videos shows a little the place and the people that were there and ends with the opening words of @roelandp where he explains how the hackathon will be carried out and other things. The audio is not the best but you can understand everything.

As I finish the videos of the other presentations (need to make some image stabilization, color correction and those things) I will upload and publish them here on the Steem's Blockchain.

"Hackathon in the Steemfest" #1

I do not want to name those who appear in the video for fear of forgetting someone. You all who were there, know who they are ... and you can see yourself in the video as well. Thank you very much for sharing that moment with me.

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Great post, I barely made it but was there near the end.


hehehe yes you are in my man! making the V sign all the way :)

Yeah, cool post bro! 👍 😎


Hey man! Still in Lisbon? Thanks, glad you like it :)

it was great meeting you. you seemed like a straight up guy. safe travels back home and all of that. look forward to your new stuff!


Thanks a lot! same for me meeting u man. Also looking forward to urs! Cheers!

Looking forward to seeing your art :)


The video is there ... or here ;)


I meant the ones you're still working on. My voice is gone but my eyes still work 😄
This is good art, too, of course!


My voice is gone but my eyes still work

Everybody is like that, me included ... the wind in the city of Lisbon is showing his work :P

Te quedó fantástico el video! Esperando todos los demás! Un abrazo...


Que bueno que te gusto! Por cierto revisa el Discord que te mande un mensajito! :) Abrazo!!!

hahahaha yes once SteemFest started I had very little motivation for writing because of all the EPIC ACTION!

You do some great work. Lets get together one day for an awesome project!



Hey @quinneaker! :) Thanks for the comment :) Yes, was EPIC also meeting you for first time and seeing @everlove and @saramiller again.

You do some great work. Lets get together one day for an awesome project!

Would love to! And we do not need to be in the same country for this thanks to the internet ;)
You are a unique person who can make a lot of good just been you.
Keep in touch and SteemOn!


Love to hear it!

Lets discuss possible collaboration ideas one day soon!

Keep up the great work!

Full Steem Ahead!