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The Road to Steem Fest!

Life changes pretty fast. Had you asked me a year ago if I be typing this, I would've said "no" and "WTF is steem"?? lol.

So much as changed my life in the last year, more so in the two weeks, and the next coming weeks even more will be changing.

The circus company that I started 10 years ago - I'm in the process of selling. My goal is to transition into a life of travel, and to become a photographer. How my going to afford to pay for travel? How is a life of moving from place to place going to pay the bills? I see crypto currency and Steem being a key part of that!

The long roaming road I am going to take to Steem Fest

The road I see myself taking to get the steem fast, is going to be very long and winding... here is an overview.

  • Move from Atlanta GA USA To Connecticut on the 22nd of July
  • Fly out from NYC to Vietnam on August 3rd
  • I'll be landing in Vietnam on August 4th. After this, I will be spending a month with a hill tribe harvesting tea leaves and documenting their life with photos. (* here's my post talking about that )
  • On September 17th I'll be heading to Goa India to do a 28 day, 200 hour yoga teacher training with a Guru.
  • Around October 11th, I will be off to work in a desert camp in Jaisalmer India for several weeks tending to camels,
  • Middle of October off to Uttarkashi to help a hill tribe learn English for another 2 weeks.
  • At the end of October, I will start a 5-7 day journey to Bangkok for STEEM FEST!

All these things are nonpaying, and I'm not sure quite how going to cover it all, or get from one location to another but I know I'm going to... lol adventure is fun!

This brings me to my next point.

Mindset is important~!

The most important thing I feel when making decisions and planning is mindset.

If you cannot see yourself doing something, if you don't have the slightest belief that you can do it, then achieving it is going to be monumentally harder. You have to see it in your mind, you have to see yourself doing it and achieving it if you wanted to become real. I see myself walking into the hotel in Bangkok where Steem Fest will be, and by seeing this in my mind I know I'll make it happen.

I realize it's not going to be easy...

  • As it is I don't know the price of admission will be for Steem Fest (*Very worried about this is my budget is going to be very tight)
  • I don't have a place to stay yet, and the thought of paying a high price for hotel room will really mess with my budget. Going to Try to Find a work for stay option Someplace (*or if any of you want to partner up on a room let me know)
  • There might be other unforeseen things that arise while traveling.

The important thing is however, I see myself achieving this goal, overcoming obstacles as they arise. You must see yourself achieving your goal as well. I want to see you at Steem Fest!

Some travel tools to help you :

Here is a small list of different resources that could potentially help you on your path to Steem Fest!

Roam to Rio :

  • I spend hours on the site, clicking from destination to destination seeing the many potential routes you can take. if you're wondering how you're going to make it to Bangkok from wherever you are, go to this webpage and type it in and see your options!

Momondo :

  • They have great prices on airline tickets. I recommend checking them out, as I found some awesome deals on it so far!

Agoda :

  • It's like the air B&B for Asia. I haven't yet used it but I see a lot of great prices and locations on their. I think you probably find a great deal in Bangkok using this page.

Summary :

The next several months are going to be a hectic for myself. I see myself traveling a lot, I see myself posting on steem a lot, and I see myself (* bearing a crazy thing happening) walking into steem fest in November!

To the Organizers of Steem Fest

  • If you are reading this post, I will be happy to help set up Steem fest or break down, or help on-site (like checking people in or something) in exchange for a ticket to the event (* if a hotel room was included that be amazing as well...).
  • You can reach me on Discord under : jacuzzi#5037

Thanks for taking the time to read this everybody, If you have any questions, comments please post them below and I'll try to respond.

Till the next time, Stay Steemy!

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Gosh. Your itinerary makes me excited! I bet it would be a great adventure. I'm not sure about going to Steemfest but I think @detlev has been to the past Steemfest and will be going to Thailand. Maybe he can orient you what happens and how to make sure you get listed as one of the attendees. You can also search Steemfest stories in Steemit. You enjoy out there and be safe.

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Sure, have a look around at discord and enjoy some post here from @anomadsoul or chat to @roelandp as he is doing the SteemFest.

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WOOT! Thanks! I will start to stalk them now. BAWAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Jk...
is there a discord for SteemFest?

Well Shucks... You both made me smile and frown at the same time...
I was happy to hear to your nice words, then bummed to hear that you were not going to go... you TOTALLY SHOULD! Come on, you are like a force here on the block chain, you can do a talk about community building or how to be a vampire.. idk..; :( and like.. you can meet all your fans! :D So... think on it. Come and party!

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