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RE: Steem: the smart person’s blockchain, but what about the herd?

in #steemfest2 years ago

I didn't get to go to SF3, or any before it, but hope to go to the next one. Even though I'm seriously an introvert who avoids large gatherings (and 300 is quite large to me), I would really love to meet some of the people I've been discoursing with here on Steemit this past year. You're reminding me how important it is to take advantage of that before it really does become more mainstream. (I recall being invited to Burning Man many years ago and being told there were 2,000 people there. My reply was that I'd wait until it got smaller, LOL.)

In terms of the complexity of being involved here, yeah, that's a bummer actually. I've tried so hard to get so many people blogging on here who I know have something valuable to contribute, and who could really benefit from being here too. But in the end they all find it to be too much work. I think that you're highlighting that it is varying amount of "work" depending on how quickly one can process all the technical information required.

Sites/blockchains like Minds may actually be easier for a lot of people, though I personally can't stand being on that site. It's a lot like Facebook, complete with paid posts being shoved at you in your feed even if you have no interest whatsoever in those topics.

I look forward to seeing lots more dapps created for steem that hide the complexity without introducing "official spam" being inserted into our feeds.

One other point I thought you were about to develop is that the dominance of more and more dapps with large delegations also means it is going to get harder to earn rewards on here if you aren't getting rewards from dapps. The free agent blogger is going to find it even harder to earn on here, even if they buy Steem and upvote themselves. Active community involvement is going to become vital to success.


You should definitely come to.SF4!

You're right about dapps decreasing the amount of money available to.bloggers I think!

Better enjoy the rewards while they're still significant!

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