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RE: SteemFest⁴ update: new names and shining a light on Thai etiquette

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A little extra recommendations:

  • Now in a majority of temples if you have forgotten to wear long clothing, you will be proposed one on a stand at the entrance.
  • For electronic cigarette smokers, be careful not to take it with you, it is strictly forbidden in Thailand and you could have to pay a fine when passing through customs.
  • When you want to take a taxi only take those with a taximeter it will cost you much less than a fixed price or a tuk tuk! The price per km is ridiculously low in Bangkok (Not the same as on islands like Phuket). When the driver asks you if you prefer to go by the express way, know that the toll will be at your expense as soon as the trip starts (because it is not included in the price of the trip) but given the low price and the minutes saved, it is up to you.
  • Bus and MRT (aerial subway) are also good value for money.
  • For those who wish to bring their drone to Thailand, you must register it. more info
  • The food even the street food is excellent even in the smallest of restaurants as long as you specify "No spicy". They can't on the one hand resign themselves to making a no spicy food and use the same utensils for spicy food on the other hand so you will have a food that is very lightly spicy and easily digestible to our western stomachs Hahaha.

The great majority of Thai people are very welcoming people always ready to help ;) Welcome to the land of smiles !


great tips thank you!

You're welcome ;)

Great advice.

Going around by TukTuk in Bangkok is so much fun

Bargain with the driver is even better

Yes, it's a nice and fun tourist attraction that is worth doing at least once.

I, for one, probably will not be saying “no spicy” - but we shall see I suppose 🙂

If spicy food is not a problem for you, I suggest you try papaya salad (street food), It's fresh and very tasty.

Will do, thanks for the tip!

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