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RE: Steem: the smart person’s blockchain, but what about the herd?

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I feel the same way about mass-adoption, to be honest. I get why we want it, but I don't want it. I can't, you know? Only the other day, I was talking with @eveuncovered about how amazing SF felt, how great it was to instantly be among like-minded, smart people, not to have to sort through the dust to find someone worth talking to because there were so many phenomenal, intelligent people in attendance.

And imagine a SF4 with 3000 people rather than 300: a measure of success for sure, but it would be completely different in character to SF3.

This sounds like a nightmare, to be honest. Part of the charm of SF3 was that we were so few (well, few in regards to broader scales). A small well-knit group where people could relate and understand one another. That will get lost and I definitely don't want that. Seems to me that the whole platform will lose appeal if we "go global". Why? Because the herd doesn't want intelligent conversation, doesn't want to actually think. We like to imagine this mass adoption will be something along the lines of the herd opening their eyes, but I think it might be us growing more sleepy, really. Sad.

Part of me is still lost in the memory of SF3, but now you've given it an extra layer ;) Excellent post.


We like to imagine this mass adoption will be something along the lines of the herd opening their eyes, but I think it might be us growing more sleepy.

Astute observstion. We do tend to look at SMTs and 'March 2019' as the promised land in 'salvationary' tones.

But that is a total assumption.

I think the thing about SF4 when it happens is to just remember the great lesson from Northern England: - whatever its character 'it is what it is'

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Thank you :) I'm rather wary of all this hopefulness for "convincing the masses". I've never wanted to convince the masses, if I know something is good or that at least I like it, I see no point in convincing others of its worth. Same with Steem, but it seems we're headed in that direction whether we like it or not...

Totally agree about SF4. I'll take it in as it is (that is if I am lucky enough to make it) and enjoy what is then. Just like everything else in life, no? ;)

Absolutely... it's a phrase I picked up from some friends from up North a couple of years back - 'it is what it is' - I use it a lot!

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It's a good phrase, I think, teaches you to let go of a lot of shit you can't control, huh?

Absolutely! And there's a lot of shit that's out of your control. It's also the first step to being able to change tjose things you can change: realising things as they really are!

Shame we didn't get a chance to chat more at SF3!

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Very well said. We sometimes get so caught up thinking about all the things we don't like and feeling responsible for a lot of stupid shit that really isn't our fault. I tend to do that quite a bit, feel responsible for others, and lately, I'm seeing the benefits of just saying 'fuck it', you know, of realizing it's not up to me.

It really is, I have a feeling we would've gotten along really well :)

Absolutely! It’s very Zen, which I like.

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