SteemFest mobile application v1 released!

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Hello Steemians,

We are happy to announce SteemFest mobile application release for iOS Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android Google (Smartphone and Tablet). SteemFest app helps event attendees to stay up to date with schedule of the program and explore neighborhood of Amsterdam with offline map and navigation.

Amazing design work is done by @cass, thanks to him to bring beautiful mood of SteemFest and Amsterdam to our mobile app.

@roelandp was extremely cheerful and supportive throughout development and helped with program listing and some fixes on app, his mobile development skills and experience is indeed valuable and visible in app.

Feature set

  • Program pages has 3 top tab navigation where you can see program for each day.
  • Interactive Timetable auto scrolls to current time and you can also scroll through list horizontally. Each entry has descriptions and additional info about where that event is held at what times, speaker, description. You can tap on Location to view it on map.
  • Offline Map, which has SteemFest flags on locations which I believe you will see throughout Amsterdam when you visit. Location has descriptions when you tap on flags. Offline map is only covered Amsterdam area to keep app size reasonable. Although you can see other countries if you have internet connection. App also detects you current location so that you can orient yourself when exploring!
  • About pages has info about event and sponsors of the SteemFest.


iOS AppStore

App store

Android Google Play

Google play

It was pleasure to work with @roelandp ( to support him, consider voting @roelandp witness#7 ) and @cass ( follow him and his design works ) on this app and hope we continue working together to bring amazing projects to the community. App is managed by @roelandp on both AppStores.

Let us know your feedback and we hope that it will help you, during SteemFest and your stay, don't forget to download app before your visit to Amsterdam for SteemFest!!!

All earnings from this post goes to @steemfest

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Wonderful @good-karma. Super epic and thanks again. Was a pleasure to work with you likewise! See you in amsterdam next week!

Awesome, thanks for making steemfest a great experience.

My pleasure! It is going to be, wait for it... legendary!!! :))
SteemFest app helps with event programs, eSteem app helps with paying for stuff, socialize, follow new friends, etc...

Well done! Thank you for this app, installed and resteemed :-)

Thanks Fabien! :) See you soon...

I am in ! Nice helpful app . Ready for the boat ride !

Thanks, ready for SteemFest!!!

This is very useful. Just gave it 5 stars, lets everyone do that so it's easier for Steem people to find in the stores as well :)

Thanks, indeed! :)

Downloaded, great design.

One question, on the map is the "cellars" in the volkshotel?

Flags/cellars are on every location that SteemFest talks, workshop and party is held. You can zooming to take a closer look! Let me know if that helped...

What did you code it in? I'm guessing something cross-platform-y?

Will you open source it?

App is donated to SteemFest organizers and it is up to them to make it open-source or not. ;)

Yes lets opensource it!

Thanks for sharing!

you are very welcome, Michael!

Super cool



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good jobs @Good-karma