SteemFest mobile application v1 released!

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Wonderful @good-karma. Super epic and thanks again. Was a pleasure to work with you likewise! See you in amsterdam next week!

Awesome, thanks for making steemfest a great experience.

My pleasure! It is going to be, wait for it... legendary!!! :))
SteemFest app helps with event programs, eSteem app helps with paying for stuff, socialize, follow new friends, etc...

Well done! Thank you for this app, installed and resteemed :-)

Thanks Fabien! :) See you soon...

I am in ! Nice helpful app . Ready for the boat ride !

Thanks, ready for SteemFest!!!

This is very useful. Just gave it 5 stars, lets everyone do that so it's easier for Steem people to find in the stores as well :)

Thanks, indeed! :)

Downloaded, great design.

One question, on the map is the "cellars" in the volkshotel?

Flags/cellars are on every location that SteemFest talks, workshop and party is held. You can zooming to take a closer look! Let me know if that helped...

What did you code it in? I'm guessing something cross-platform-y?

Will you open source it?

App is donated to SteemFest organizers and it is up to them to make it open-source or not. ;)

Yes lets opensource it!

Thanks for sharing!

you are very welcome, Michael!

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