SteemFest, Amsterdam 2016 - day 1, photos, updates...

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As I promised in day 0 post update and pictures from today, here comes Day 1 notes....

Day 1 started with canal boat trip to event avenue where we circled the city with 2 full boats of Steemians.

After short walking @roelandp and team of organizers were already in a spot waiting for big day to start...

Tobacco Theater is a beautiful piece of architecture and rooms are rather comfy to have a quick chats.

You can watch livestream of the day 1 here for both Main Hall and Studio room.
Speakers and atmosphere is astonishing, every detail is really planned out, super efficient, kudos to crew and captain @roelandp for their hard work :)

Delicious lunch and drinks, dinner were served professionally...

Panels, workshops, debates were all exciting and amazing. Everyone is engaging, getting to know fellow Steemians better, that's just awesome.
We finished off with @tatianamoroz singing her album songs and @kevinwong dj music

And we are now back at hotel, great day meeting everyone, hope tomorrow will get chance to meet more Steemians!

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super well put together. well done people!


indeed, a lot of effort.. and professionally done. Tomorrow we also have number of events happening in parallel as well, excited to talk few more people :)


next time for sure!

¡Bravo! Extraordinario mi amigo @ good-karma, muchas gracias por la actualización, es como que estamos ahi presente. Disfrute del festival Felicidades por otro magnifico post

I so wish I was there! It sounds so much fun!!


Same here. Even it seems to be pretty cold :D


It does! Oh gosh. I would be that dumb person that shows up in shorts and no coat LOL.


Maybe next time, have you watched livestream? It's been awesome.

Wow what a great looking suit, those shoes are banging, and a fedora would definitely complete the look. Great photos, everything looks spectacular, I will for sure make it to the next Steemfest. I hope the next Steemfest is in Vegas, and steem will have its own slot machine by then.


Yeah, it would be awesome to arrange SteemFest at least annually or twice a year...

Wonder. I would have gone. But the next for sure I will. Congratulations @good-karma


Sure @jsantana, next time we will have bigger attendees I suppose, by that time many more Steemians would join and fest gets bigger and bigger. :)

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thanks :)

Does the live stream link from day 1 still works on day 2 and the next day?


Yes, livestream is recorded and is accessible here:
As for day 2 (today) we have more locations and I don't know which ones will have livestream. Day 1 (yesterday) was 2 halls and both were livestreamed... Livestream link is different every time, once it is ended it will be saved on youtube afaik.


I see. Thanks for info.