Travelling in Portugal - Lisboa street art and foodtip

in steemfest •  last year

As Lisboa is the next location for Steemfest we thought to share a little introduction of the street art you will find there. And also not unimportant; a tip for a great winebar where you guys can get all sorts of Port with some great cheeses and hams.

Besides all the beautiful things to see in Lisboa there is also a lot of street art. Here are some of the ones we really love.












When it is time to have a drink and some small bites then we would really recommend Tábuas Porto.
They have all sorts of red and white port from all sorts of ages combined with delicious cured meat and cheeses which they will cut freshly for you.



You can also buy every port they have on the bottle. Very nice as a gift to take home, or for yourself ;)

Tábuas Porto
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 143

Have fun in Lisboa you all. Next Steemfest Suzanne and I will be there for sure.


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Steemians coming to SteemFest 2 are going to be impressed with the street art here.

Nice pictures!


I think they will too. There is so much beauty in these streets. Thank you and have a great day :)


See you on SteemFest 2 then! Have a nice week!

Great photos and I'm sure plenty of Steemit people will be glad to get this advanced report!


Like to think so too, but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes. Thanks @donkeypong

Amazing art!


Thank you @charliesydney

That bee sculpture is amazing. Good find.


Thanks! This bee can be found in LX Factory, which is a old factory terrain where they have opened galleries, shops and restaurants. Nice to go to :)

Wow, awesome artworks! And the food looks really tasty as well ;)


Thank you@artwithflo Are you going to Lisboa for Steemfest?


No, I'm still a Steemit Newbie and didn't even know about Steemfest a week ago. Besides, I'm a Wedding Photographer, so busy weekends ;)


Next time then maybe :) have fun shooting all those happy days!


Yeah, who knows! I love a proper party ;)

This is like Disneyland!!! <3
Great pictures!!!


😎 thank you @aishwarya

That is some incredible Street art!! I wish I could be seeing it first hand this year


The way things are moving on Steemit, there is probably going to be a Steemfest 328 which then can be held in Lisboa again. So you're looking at a bright future and a second chance to see it first hand @meesterboom


Yeah, that's what I am telling myself :0)

You have no idea how much I apreciate this ... The situation in my country is horrible to the point of inmigration and if I have to go I'll go to Lisboa I feel some kind of conection to that place even though I have never been there ... Thanks A LOT


Welcome! Hopefully you'll get the chance to visit Lisboa. Where are your from? I could not make it up scrolling through your profile.

Heel gaaf:)


Thanks @markush :)

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Thats awesome! I want to thank my mom and my manager, because without them i wouldn't be here. Thank you!

Wow that bee street art is absolutely amazing!!


I know, right?! Must have been some work!

I would like to purchase that disgusting giant wasp, thank you.


Haha. Would look nice on a living room wall ;)