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RE: Quick Video Report: Mrs.Steemit's Experience at SteemFest 2016

in #steemfest8 years ago

It was a real pleasure meeting @mrs.steemit at Steemfest! She is beautiful inside and out, talented, and motivated. She is an inspiring role model, and we support her! Meeting the extended community was definitely a highlight of Steemfest, especially in that we got to interact with and learn directly from the devs and founders. It was a diverse group of brilliant people, with many different perspectives represented, yet we all came together with the purpose of strengthening Steemit. Hopefully we will meet at the next Steemfest as well @piedpiper!


You guys are the sweetest! I am so thankful I got to meet @everlove and @saramiller <3

Many blessings to you @mrs.steemit~*~

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