Dedicated to the NEW Economy: New Steemit Gear Modeled by Steemit Celebrities at Steemfest and Offered on Peerhub by Steem Dollar Donation Towards Building a Better World for ALL

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We have been building a new economy based on values for almost a decade, and we remain committed to ethical merchantry.

We offer the most sustainable goods we can find. Whether they are handmade on our property or honorably sourced, you can trust that goods from our ecovillage do not support wasteful patterns of consumption, packaging, taxation, distribution, or regulation, and instead are in support of the highest health and happiness for ALL.

Steemit has revolutionized our community's economy. We greatly appreciate the support we receive here and the rewards for our educational efforts. Everything we earn is already dedicated towards feeding, clothing, and housing more people than ever before, so we alchemize the digital support to make a physical difference in our greater community. Our scope of reach is increased, and finally there is a money system that does not support central banks and the global military industrial complex; cryptocurrency aligns with our values! 

We have been so inspired by Steemit that we expanded our Epic Threads Boutique to include a line of custom Steemit gear. Members of our community invest their freedom in creating new pieces every day to offer in support of our cause. We took a selection of our values-based, super sustainable, custom, hand painted Steemit gear to Amsterdam to offer at Steemfest! 

To celebrate the new economy, we have added many of these items to the Peerhub Marketplace for all Steemians to enjoy. The Peerhub Marketplace is an inspiring tool in our ecosystem ( @steemrollin gave a great presentation on Peerhub at Steemfest). Users can trade directly between themselves, bypassing banks and incurring no fees. We continue to support this novel exchange because we see the potential it has for deepening the Steemit economy.

Here's the newest line of Steemit gear we've added for SBD exchange on Peerhub, modeled by Steemit celebrities at Steemfest:

Steemit CEO Ned Scott ( @ned ) models his custom, hand painted Steemit cap from the Garden of Eden at Steemfest in Amsterdam. Similar caps made to order, now available on Peerhub for 33 SBD.

Orange cap to keep it fresh. Adjustable and fully loved by the Eden Knights! 33 SBD

@mrs.steemit was so excited to receive this funky camo cap, and will no doubt rock it to represent this platform she firmly believes in. You can order a similar style for 33 SBD. 

The man himself @roelandp looks excellent in a pink cap with blue logo. Available for 33 SBD.

The beautiful makeup master @guerrint was super stoked to receive the first pair of Steemies, custom handpainted skivvies to show your deepest support for Steemit! More styles available, starting at 21 SBD.

Classic, clean all white cap with black logo, for those old school Steemians. @onceuponatime looks dapper in his new piece. Recreations available for 33 SBD. 

We have an entire line of hand painted Steemit gear, and we can custom make any piece! Feel free to contact us with specific design ideas and we will be happy to accommodate. 

Everyone is thrilled to receive hand made Steemit gear from the GOE! 

Sporting Steemit gear increases brand recognition, and ordering goods from Peerhub strengthens the Steem dollar as a medium of exchange. These are easy upgrades that go a long way towards the revolution we are living and creating a brand new, self-contained economy! We offer these goods because they shine our values, and we see how they support the well being of all. 

We are the change!


Too bad most hats don't fit my giant head!!!!

Excellent work you guys!

Thank you! Our hats are adjustable, FYI

From my experience, I am usually beyond the adjust-ability of most hats...

Oh, my beautiful sweatshirt!!! Thanks a lot for the hand(heart) made Steemit gear :D

Heart made, that is absolutely correct!!! You are welcome!

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Dedicated to the NEW Economy: New Steemit Gear Modeled by Steemit Celebrities at Steemfest
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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Oooooh I need one of these caps!!!

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