📷 SteemFest Amsterdam Event Impressions #7: The Canal Boat Tour To The Event Location Part 2! (English/German)

in steemfest •  3 years ago 

Hello Steemians, here are the next impressions of the great boat trip to the SteemFest event location.

[German] Hallo Steemianer, hier sind die nächsten Eindrücke von der tollen Bootsfahrt zur SteemFest Event Location zeigen.

Canal tour part 2

Canal tour part 2-1

Canal tour part 2-2

Canal tour part 2-3

Canal tour part 2-4

Canal tour part 2-5

Canal tour part 2-6

Hear you in my next article and have a nice day!

[German] Wir hören uns in meinem nächsten Artikel und einen tollen Tag noch!
 Jonas Ahrens


Jonas Ahrens
 photo b87bb98157_zpsw1cujzvw.gif

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I didn't expect that pirate ship, lol! Nice way to put a surprise in there. : )

Beautiful captures my friend @ future24, beautiful images congratulations

With a clearer shot of that ship, you could have submitted it for #steemitphotochallenge.

fina bilder

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