Steemit's First 'Fest' Reveals the Power of Blockchain Community - CoinDesk

in steemfest •  2 years ago

We want SteemFest #2,

SteemFest is now catching up some media attention though, I wish more media would write about how awesome it was.

Well, even without much media coverage, I know one thing... This community experienced one of the best fest of its existence and many more fests to come!

Steem on!

SteemFest was an essential reality check on the status of the Steem ecosystem, but every blockchain, decentralized application or decentralized protocol owes it to their community to think about their own "fest" as a living display that brings together its ecosystem and showcase its life.

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jngan lpa diupvote blik yaa
follback jngan lpa @feruz

Hey its keval shah ,i m bloger on steemit and write the blogs i wanted to approach u for some reason can we have on chat steemit chat center pls tell me ,do reply,its just a casual talk, talk can be at ur convenience whenever ur free


Dukung kami yg kecil. Please

good job @feruz..................

woo bagus nya saya sagat suka seperti itu?

This is good I like this post

Please vote my post @muhammadakhyar

This is amazing, the photo tells that there is happiness from the steemit community there, maybe it's true