Bangkok or not ?

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First of all:
Sorry for raiding the #roadtosteemfest tag, without reading any of the other posts.

I am here considering whether I should go or not and I will read the posts afterwards to finalize my decision.

As a Steemfest veteran with 3 consecutive Steemfests in a row, I feel a certain obligation to go.
I am still undecided though.


The last time I went to Thailand, I liked it so much, I overstayed my visa and had to pay a fine, when I tried leaving the country. I was told that since I paid the fine, this should not cause too much trouble, if I tried entering the country again.

The last time I went to Bangkok, I hated it so much, I had to rush out of the city in a hurry and I swore to myself never to pay money again for being in a place like this. I hate cities. Living in one is an unnatural form of existence and Bangkok is a prime example of everything that is wrong with cities + some extra heat and humidity.

My initial reaction was ( since the flight is expensive ) to try and make the most of the 4 weeks 'visa on arrival'. After Steemfest, I would go to the countryside ( which is beautiful ) and spend the rest of my time in Thailand in a Muay Thai camp.
I have already started training, so that if I go, I don't fall over after 10 minutes of exercise.

Thailand is a great place to get stuck, for better or worse ...

I have very mixed feelings about the location

STEEM in general

I am totally out of the loop.
I have not been paying much attention to the recent changes.
I have only been blogging sporadically.
I feel frustrated.

I had been waiting for some of these changes for 3 yeas now, all of them had been proposed by the community years ago and had been ignored or dismissed by Steemit Inc.
Steemit Inc. has used Steemfest as a platform to make some ridiculous announcements, including 'Communities by the end of the year' ( I can't believe this was 2016 ), 'SMTs by the end of the year' (2017) and some generally poor appearances - the most awkward so far being Krakow.

A number of top witnesses have done nothing but create bid bot services, which caused all the bad players to stake up immensely, while the fundamentally flawed economic system was kept running for no obvious reason other than @ned being unable to admit that it was a short sighted failure.

Other witnesses have crowded a whole community of people behind them, by promising posting rewards for joining their Discord server. When I joined this place, buying votes was considered cheating and any attempt got flagged mercilessly.

These things had basically been solved in the first days only to be dug up again and again until the community got soft and the boldest guy just pushed through with it. It all went much like the story around STEEM sport bets; which was all the talk at Steemfest II, but had been 'invented' a bunch of times before, but got shot down until the right person sold the same idea in a different outfit.

Other than this back and forth, there has been little progress and I feel tired of discussing SMTs and Communities again, while everything around it still is speculation. The possibilities are endless and I keep sliding into the same conversations all the time.

I have a bad feeling about Steemit Inc. and a lot of the current top witnesses.


The people are what make Steemfest great.

As @revisesociology has put it:

The level of intelligence at this event goes through the roof.

I feel the same and I have met some of the most interesting people around Steemfest from really all around the world and from the most different backgrounds possible.

Many of the early adopters, who I met at Steemfest I in Amsterdam, have stopped blogging though, cashed out and left STEEM for good. The second wave of Steemians already had a wildly different understanding of the system and different values. Waves of people came and went. Throughout the years, the atmosphere changed.
Partially that was inevitable, as early adopters got replaced by better bloggers. ( Our first posts here would now earn us cents only with the current level of competition )
Sometimes I feel like mostly the persistent shitposters survived.

In Amsterdam, we were all amateur bloggers - really just random people who felt compelled to write to get a stake of STEEM. Everybody's blog looked improvised.
Yet, I intimately knew some people's story. I have read a whole lot of articles.

For Bangkok, I am not looking forward to meeting a single new face - I feel like, I have already met the best of them and seen them leave; there are many great people and friends, who I am really looking forward to seeing; there are also some people, who I'd rather not meet again.
I have not only made friends on STEEM.

I have criticized a lot and I have been rude about it at times.
While I do not think I have always been right for doing so, I have had some very accurate reads and I do not regret the few times I misjudged and changed my mind about people afterwards.

There is a huge social aspect to STEEM and even though their actions will be stored on chain forever, a whole host of bad players will attend Steemfest without a single thought of regret and I will not be able to keep my mouth shut.

I have mostly good feelings about the people at Steemfest ...

Personal Development

It always amazed me, how openly some of you guys write about your personal development and your fears and such on a public blog.

I won't go as deep, but I have made some progress myself :)
I got back into programming, entrepreneurship, I am organizing an event ... the whole STEEM experience has cheered me up a lot.

Even though I am not actively blogging anymore, I have these moments, that 'would make a good post' and I generally started looking at my life a bit more from the outside and ponder how it would market on STEEM ... It feels like a mild form schizophrenia and I am not sure if that is good at all.

As mentioned above, I have met some of the most interesting people here on STEEM and live at Steemfest, but I also do not want to meet every single person there again.
As far as the topic goes, I should probably push myself to face this awkwardness, try again and see if it wasn't all my fault to begin with ...

... I am not even sure if @roelandp wants me at his events anymore :)
I am the guy that is constantly outside smoking, rarely listening to speeches, first at the buffet ...

... If it all went right, I should have totally quit smoking by November, at least, though.
Otherwise, I would get my ass beat unnecessarily at the Muay Thai camp.

For my personal development, it would probably be best to push myself and go.


Even though this post feels quite negative after I read through it again, I will see if I can attend Steemfest. I am confident, that it is the most enjoyable event around blockchain possible and in many aspects the best I have ever been to.

Regarding STEEM in general: After more than 3 years, I am still curating daily. I am still interested in reading posts and sometimes I find a new author and feel excited.
Perhaps, I just need another Steemfest to get the ball rolling again.

I will finally decide within the next few days - Does anybody want to join me and train touristy Thai Boxing for 3 weeks somewhere at the beach :D ?


Very interesting read.

If you book into the main hotel you won't have to leave it and they have a gym so you can just ignore the city for the most part.

Then straight to a boxing camp - you can almost bypass the country entirely.

I've booked a five week flight window knowing nothing about the 'easy 4 week visa' ! Best get that sorted.

It's a good excuse for a holiday isn't it?!?

Then again I've never been so easy for me to say.

The smoking area's where it all happens of course! Do they even have smoking areas in Thailand? I thought everyone smoked.

Be good to see you there - hopefully you'll decide to go!

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Nice to read from you again. And all of a sudden I feel old somehow. Three years feel like 30. Quiting smoking could improve your stamina drasticly, so much extra room for that oxygen to get in. 😁

Any system that fears critics, maybe even tries to shut them up, may change, yet it may never see any progression.

Hope you are able to join SteemFest IV, have a great one!

😁 Tempting, @youngdamster, it might help. (Still available, just checked...)

Still not.... decided. :-)

Dude I miss your rants, you are one of the best ones when it comes to that part of steem.

This will be the 4th steemfest where I wanted to go but ultimately I couldn't summon that final push that would made get up from my ass and just go!
One of my biggest regrets on Steem, not going to Steemfests and not selling on top more ;)

It's still plenty of time to book.
I'm tempted to buy you a ticket, so you get your final push.
I could use some backup, really.

Hope to see you there again and listen to your stories of the 'old times'.

Times were tough.
We did not even have cover images for our blogs, back then.

Wow, I think this is the longest post I've seen from you. It's nice to read some of your inner thoughts.

And WHAT? You're not reading every single post here? WTF? 😝

but I also do not want to meet every single person there again.

I'll act as I've never seen you before in my life. How's that? 😉

The muay Thai camp sounds great, I wish I was in better form to handle something like that. I'd be face down on the ground within minutes. Although I AM working on myself (food/ was needed).
I'm planning to stick around SE Asia for three months and travel to as many places as we can. I'm even thinking of going back again after those 3 months, but on the train and stop in a few places along the way. With kids and pets...Now that should make for some interesting blogs/vlogs me thinks.

As for the flights, yeah they're damn expensive. Even more so from Ireland. Shit island has us fly to the mainland first...UGH. But I was actually looking at flights from Germany and found a website that offers flights for around 400 Euro return. But couldn't book it yet, because they won't let you book more than 3 months in advance. Not that I could anyway so three months suits me fine.

Personally, I have always had mixed feelings about Bangkok, but I really LOVE Thailand and Bangkok isn't so bad for a little while and definitely much nicer than a lot of other huge cities (in Asia). And it's so damn cheap and relatively easy to get anywhere within the country. This time around though, I feel ecstatic going back to Thailand and even Bangkok. I already shed a few tears when I knew where SF was going to be, might get more emotional when we actually arrive LOL. (this time not in front of everyone though)

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing you there, even though it's would be the third time...
And I'll be sure to have enough cigarette breaks (which you won't be smoking 😝).

I hope to see you there dude! I too am not very fond of the city life and I imagine Bangkok will be overwhelming... but I plan to stick it out for the conference days and then head to the countryside or the islands for a week or so after. It’s not a @steemfest without @felixxx!

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Man i would like to have a discussion again:) hopefuly we both can make it!

Appreciated the candor. Hopefully things get exciting on here before november. that'll motivate a lot of people.
I'm trying to make it happen.

As someone who has been here for 3 years as well your post resonated with me. Steem has been frustrating for sure and I think it would be extremely hard for Steemit Inc to really send any representation there because the community in general doesn't think very highly of them. The same for a lot of the witnesses.
Going to Thailand in general is a great idea.
I have often though that maybe STEEM could continue on kind of like how quasi legal multi level marketing companies like Amway and Herbalife always continue to find a new set of recruits despite the financial wake of destruction they leave behind.
With STEEM a new set of people take a look at it and start cheering about SMTs not realizing that they aren't comming.
Good luck with your decision....Thailand is the world's playground!

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The level of intelligence at this event goes through the roof.

I agree with @revisesociology. And not just that, but that it's so easy to connect with other Steemians. You literally only need to have seen someone's face and you will have a good talk – and often a complete stranger goes the same!

Krakow was so good that going to the next SF in Bangkok is a no-brainer for me, especially when I can afford it. It'll make for a nice first time adventure in South-East Asia as well :)

As for what comes to the development, I feel it's similar to Tesla: Musk says that something comes in 1-2 year, but you just have to add 3 years and then it comes. Things just always take more time than anticipated. But with Steem-Engine and custom tokens, the communities are already forming. I think SMTs will eventually come too, it just takes longer than we want – and what was promised. But once the SMTs are there, I don't think people will care anymore how long it took.

I'm really looking forward to SF4 and the rest ! I haven't had a proper holiday for decades.

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I haven't had a proper holiday for decades.

I'm not sure whether you're kidding or being serious, lol. Anyway, it'll be fun, I'm sure.

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:D okay okay - wir können auch deine nehmen!

Muy buena informacion,muy buen trabajo,saludos y feliz noche

Wanna go... Reality check... Trip funding not enough yet... Working on it now...

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I'm so sorry that I didn't see this post earlier while it was still active!!!
The best I can describe my feelings after reading it would be - I feel you!
Besides that, now, I'm really curious are you going to go to this Steemfest 4 or not!?!

Unfortunately or fortunately, and most likely I wouldn't be going. Besides being quite far (what concerns me less) it would be a huge attack on my budget at the moment due to the current life happenings and circumstances, and above all my Steem(it) earnings don't justify it at all.

However, one thing is quite sure ("quite" only in case if you quit smoking by November 😉, as if not), and combined with some miracle that would make my arrival there possible, you wouldn't be alone when it comes to "constantly outside smoking, rarely listening to speeches," (and) "first at the buffet...!!!" 😉😄

After all this time I've read your #roadtosteemfest post, and believe by now you probably have everything booked😉
I really understand you in many aspects you've pointed here: those early days with amateur bloggers when paying for votes was considered cheating, BGK which might be a nightmare city for me,...and much more!
I feel I still belong to that amateur group 😅 Now I regret to not have attended sf1, but it was to soon for me. Actually I thougt it would be like an Herbalife event, fortunately I couldn't be more wrong! Hope to see you again in SF4 😃

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Nah, not going this time :)
It is too big of a trip for me.
Have fun and say hi to everybody.