STEEMFEST - A Recap of Day One

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Day one of the first official Steemfest began as more than one hundred of us gathered in the lobby of the Volkshotel to make our way to the canal boats. Finally, it was a chance for us to cast off from our virtual islands and put a face to the user names.

Floating down the canals of Amsterdam into the older parts of the city was mind-blowing. Most of the buildings we passed by predated America by over a hundred years. There was detail in every square foot of the building’s facades and bicycles as far as the eye could see.

Traveling to the Tobacco Theatre via canal boat was the perfect way to capture the feel of this amazing and picturesque city.

On the boat my wife and I met @ned, he was very gracious and we had a short conversation about Steemit. It was nice to finally have a chance to thank him personally for this platform that he and his team have created and all of the dreams that are coming true as a result of their vision.

The Tobacco Theater is steeped in history. Originally the building was a tobacco auction house.

The master of ceremonies, @roelandp opened up Day 1 of Steemfest with a short introduction and an interesting history lesson about his beloved city. He donned a suit covered in tulips and explained that the Dutch sparked the very first speculative economic bubble in the 1637, called tulip mania. Roeland said that at the peak of the bubble you could purchase a house with a single tulip bulb. This guy did such a tremendous job with every detail of Steemfest. I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of work and hours he’s put in these last few months. The meticulous attention to detail was apparent as the event coalesced on this first day.

@ned then spoke and about the past, present, and future of Steemit. When he spoke there was no denying that this man was following his passion. He and his team have big dreams and the feeling I came away with is we’ve only seen the beginning of what the platform is to become. I know there’s been a lot of grumbling lately with the falling price of Steem but I’m more excited than ever about the future of this platform after hearing Ned’s talk and meeting him in person.

Immediately after Roeland’s introduction @heiditravels gave a very entertaining and informative talk about her passion of traveling and learning about other cultures. This was very inspiring to me because I share the same dream of traveling the world and writing. I had no idea Heidi was from Indiana, only a short way from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

@neilstrauss took the stage at shortly after 11:00 and he shared some indispensable tips for writers, many of which I’m implementing immediately. I wish I would’ve had a moment to talk to him but his attention was in demand.

My talk began at 11:45, immediately after Neil spoke. I had the honor of reading the first episode of Alarm Clock Dawn to a room of about 150 Steemians. Luckily the cough medicine worked and I was able to keep my voice throughout.

After a light lunch and chats with lots of other users my wife and I joined @fairytalelife for a tour of Centrum, the older part of the city.

We heard that tickets were available to tour the Anne Frank House at 3:30pm but unfortunately when we got there we discovered the line was too long.

The great thing was we experienced many parts of the city that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

This was a day one of a one of the best weekends of my life. I met so many interesting, intelligent, and creative people that I wish it could've lasted longer but time marches on.

For those of you who couldn’t make it in person let me tell you this, the backbone of any platform is the people and those I met this weekend, as well as their innovative ideas, make me very excited for what is to come. Stay tuned for a post about day two of Steemfest coming soon. I need to get some shut eye and catch an early flight back to the U.S. Good night all.

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Great write up and pictures too. Thanks for the sharing and namaste :)


Thank you @eric-boucher! Namaste to you.

It was an honour to see you as a speaker at Steemfest, good sir.

Well done on your success on Steemit and may it go on from strength to strength.


I appreciate that, @ezzy. Thank you!

Is anyobody recording the talks? I would really love to listen to them.


Hi, @knircky. I think all of the talks were live streamed. I would check the SteemFest page, the link should be there.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife during the boat ride to the theater. @sharingeverybite and I appreciate the generous gift, it's a work of art. Have a safe trip back to Minnesota.


Thanks, @shenanigator! It was great meeting you and @sharingeverybite! What a weekend! We made it back home a few hours ago and are exhausted but it was all worth it! Take care of yourselves.


Thanks for the chat on the way to the theatre! One of our favorite things is meeting new people. Following both you and @sharingeverybite. Take care!

Thank you Eric for sharing your Steemfest experience and all the interesting talks all over the weekend. See you around on steemit :)


You're very welcome, @chris4210. I enjoyed chatting with you! I hope you made it home okay.

Sad we didn't have a talk there Eric! But I loved your speech. Have a good day buddy and keep steemin'!


Yes, @timsaid, it would've been great to meet you! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the reading! I wish we could've had just a few more days. What a weekend though, one to remember for sure.

Thanks for sharing Eric I'm very happy for all of you xx


Thanks, I'm ready for a long nap. : )

excited to hear your feedback. wish i could have made it, the next one i hope!


I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you can make the next SteemFest as well!

I was surprised to see that you are a so down to earth guy...
I was already following you,just wanted to comment that I am very happy to meet you in person.


It was nice meeting you too @skapaneas! Wasn't the event amazing?

Thanks for sharing @ericevancewalton! I look forward to experiencing your new knowledge reflect in your writing! :-)


You're welcome @robyneggs!

Amazing...thanks for the feedback.


My pleasure!

Thanks for the nice summary of what's happening at SteemFest!


You're welcome @kenny-crane!

Beautiful photographs, my friend @ericvancewaltonperceives a post and words full of emotions, no doubt that the past has been very well and congratulations continue their success


Thank you very much!

Really good post, seems like lots of fun.


Thanks @cryplectibles. It was a lot of fun!

Awesome post Eric, glad you're having such a great time. It looks a bit chilly there. It was 78 degrees in Las Vegas today, still swimming weather. Just wanted to throw that out there :)


Thanks @vegascomic. It was colder in Amsterdam than it was in Minnesota.

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I'm smiling as I read....makes me so happy that steemfest was such a wonderful event, that steemit's future is hopeful and made you feel the promise of goodness to come and that you had such a powerful weekend. Steemit has become near and dear to me and I've been anxious to hear about steemfest, thanks for the write-up.


You're welcome @natureofbeing. I have no doubt after meeting those behind the platform and the users that the kinks will be worked out and this will prevail. I've learned to not only listen to the words people say but gauge the level of their passion and watch their actions. All of this was telling me the future will be bright. I'm actually working on a post about this.



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