STEEM ON!!! Are you ready for STEEMFEST SONG?..

in steemfest •  8 months ago


Steem on! Steem on! Steem on!
Steem until your steem ($) come true!
Steem on! Steem on! Steem on!
Steem until your steem ($) come true!

Hello, friends!

I'm @elena-singer)
I know today everyone is involved in the life of Steemfest. Well, I'm not an exception.) I want to be not only "on the same page" let's say, but... contribute by uniting everyone with my song. It would be soooo nice if all together we could sing or repeat or even say : Steem on!

What does it mean? Just simply: BE with STEEMIT)

Great idea to create this song I get from @gtg.
No more words. Just listen and repeat.

Eugene Kolodko feat. elena-singer ( Elena Kononchuk)

And don't forget to share it. I'm sure ones we'll sing it together... all of us.)))

For the video we use some photos of the participants of Steemfest to better convey the atmosphere of this joyful event.

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Wow! That was pretty funny!


Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

WOOOOW. what a beautiful voice, and great videoclip too! We've played it at fridays afterparty!


Thank you, @ roelandp!!! This is the best reward to know it)))!!!

Wow very nice contribution and representation of Steemit and the Steemfest events! I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong and powerful, what a way to use those voices in a passionate way for this plattform! You’ve got my vote and Resteem! 😉. Thanks for sharing~


thank you for such warm comment @crosheille)))


My pleasure ~ 😊

hhhhoooolllllyyyyyyyy ssshhiiiitttt... AAAAMMMMMMMAAAAZZIIIINGGGG VOICE... I have all my hair up!!!


wow) !!!))))))) real emotion)))


well I keep upvoting all I find, but nothing goes up from zeroes :( still, I'll Steem on!! xD

Nice efforts nice song.
Thank you

Fantastic Song Steem on!! Thx, for realize that! To all Steemians: Steem On!!


Thank you, the idea is great!!!

It's a very lovely music.


tnks @gtg for the idea)))!!!


Honestly the music deserves all the accolades it is getting. I just listened to it for the umpteenth time. Thank you.

Woooow... You guys left me breathless and I had to ...dirt in my eyes. This is why I love where I am, the Steem is changing the world.


VERY true! it does! Thank you for comment)
Steem on!!!)))

I loved seeing this at the Steemfest party last night


Ah) We would love to performe))) but..maybe next FEST...)))

Hell yeah Aerosmith
Steem on!


Steem on!!!!
Aerosmith forever!!!)))

Steemmmmm Onnnn


Come on, Steen on!))

You guys are a vocal powerhouse!! Really well produced video too!

Очень понравилось! Спасибо! Порадовали! Послушала с удовольствием! Настоящий энергетический заряд на целый день! Даже поставила на телефон! Браво!


wow))) вот этого и хотелось, чтобы люди скачивали и слушали много раз)))

Отлично Лен! Очень здорово сделали, супер!


идея @gandalf хорошая)))
а мы уже старались не подвести)))

I love this!
Both of your voices are amazing!

Encore!!! Encore!!!


so happy to hear such warm words from you)))

I'm really glad that you guys made it.
It's Amazing!


We made it because of your great idea:) I'm also happy that people Steemed On with It:);)!!!

I would listen to it a thousand times. Amazing!!

what a voice @elena-singer you are both amazing ♥

I love this! Great lyrics and awesome voices taken from one of my favorite songs!

Wow, very powerful voices !


)thank you)) the song is nice by itself)))

that was amazing, Steem On and Rock On!!!

I'm sure they going to use ur song if a steem movie is made #theofficalsteemsoundtrack. got to love this one,lol.


) I'm happy)) What could be better than sharing it with people)

cool Beautiful clip and wonderful binary


))) tnks)) I love the voice of my partner very much))

Nice post . I like your post


thank you)))

great work !


thank you)))

wow! you are really good!!! Join at X-Factor UK


thank for the advice))) x-factor UK very strong))) but your comments, guys, inspiere me)))...

very well!!!


thank you very much

Hi @elena-singer, it's nice song. Please recommend this spot as the next destination of StemFest event > 😀😁😂


it's a fantastic place, defenately up)))!!!


Thank you so much for ur support, @elena-singer. We're waiting for u here soon...😀😁😂


with pleasure

Nice song


)the song is nice by itself, we just a littel bit change it)))


THANKS))) рада встрече на стимите)))

Trust me, you don't want me to sing.
Steemit would lose all it's users :-)

Great job guys!!!! Fantastic!!!



really nice video I like this..

Beautiful Post well done


we did our best)))


I will follow you

Very original!! 👍


Hope people will like it)

Amazing @elena-singer let me know if I can use it for some videos ;)


))) in a good way, yes)))

Sometimes silence makes great music.

It's a bit '80s but it's still an amazing song ;-)


Actually, originally it's from '70s :-)

Please upvote me as i am following you

crack me up! you two are great!

I thought this sounded familiar. You both have powerful voices and @elena-singer hitting that high note was pitch perfect. A terrific song with a very positive message. Steem on.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


thank you for your opinion)))

Woooow it's amazing, Steem On song Bravo

nice song

done please back upvote and comment

wow!!!! cooooooooooool

wow! "Steem on" song is cooooool !

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Класс! Жаль пропустил премьеру(

very nice

hi friend @morwhale how are you I hope that I invite you to see my new publications and give me your vote and reesteem your content is very good the truth that I liked you won my vote and my reesteem thanks

UpVoted @elena-singer and I can feel the Vibrations...

Good job guys.

Fantastic song congrats :)

hey, I want to Re-Steem but it won't let me :(

Haha thanks for this, I already shared u guys to my Facebook :D

Hahah. This looks really funny! And amazing! :)

Thanks for singing this for us with the community! :D

Rock On!! AWESOME!!
Upvoted and following now :)


Hehehehehehehehehe happy happy

Hello @elena-singer I'm from Philippines and newbie as well I think your song will inspire me and rest of the steemit members here care to write her the lyrics please? Steem on indeed. Thanks you're a great singer

Ow and @elena-singer I think the shirt looks great on you as well. Would be happy if we can have the lyrics of this song thanks in advance

@elena-singer i gift you for seeing this videos please see this video & inform me.


Hi Elena, dang it I'm too late. I just saw this. But wow, that was terrific! Very very wonderful singing. Who is your partner in this song?

you look very beautiful when singing again, why do not you post your good work again in steemit? unfortunately I can not get acquainted with you.

good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))

Hi alena, nice to know you , must I learn more for ur post. By the way I came from Indonesia. Than I like ur post. Hope ur visit my blog when u have times, regards @almukhyarsidiq

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thank you for comment)