Photos from Steemfest - #3!

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Hi Friends!

This is my last "photos from Steemfest" post! I hope you guys have enjoyed not only seeing some of my photos, but hearing my memories from the event. I know these aren't the clearest photos - but I hope you can still feel the energy and vibe of the event.

There are so many more awesome people that I guess I just didn't grab photos with - but here is my third and final mega photo post. I hope you guys enjoy.

IMG_9567 (1).JPG

It was SO amazing to finally meet you @nanzo-scoop! You were definitely top of my list for people I wanted to meet at Steemfest, and so I'm glad we got to chat a few times! In your videos you always seemed super calm, cool, collected, smart and fun - and that was totally true of my experience of you in person. Already looking forward to the next time I see you at some crypto event!

IMG_9567 23.JPG

We gotta get that selfie @anomadsoul! I forget which night this was - but it looks like are having fun... per usual. lol


Ok...I stole this photo from @steemcafe. I haven't done that in a post yet- but I LOVE this shot from 90's karaoke night!! Had to include it. @nomadicsoul, @steemmatt, @jarvie, @dan-atstarlite, @jaybird.

IMG_9567 31.JPG

Oh yeah... that one time @nomadicsoul, @jayna and I totally creeped on @steemmatt, @joythewanderer, @mammasitta and @kevinwong while they were eating perogies.

IMG_9567 32.JPG

Well, I guess I must not be the worst Steemian if you took another photo with me @guyfawkes4-20. Sorry I haven't flagged you lately. Apparently I'm bad at this whole flag war thing.

IMG_9567 34.JPG

aww hanging with @jarvie at closing drinks!! This is probably the only normal looking photo we took. The rest got a little out of hand.

IMG_9567 35.JPG

Like this one...

IMG_9567 36.JPG

Hanging with @felix.herrmann!! You are OG coruscate all the way my friend! Thanks for always being one of my most consistent commenters and engagers over the last year and a half!

IMG_9567 37.JPG

@flauwy!!! I'm so glad we got to meet at Steemfest - even if we never really had a chance to talk. You were one of the first people I followed when I joined the platform- and you actually welcomed me in my Introduce Yourself post if you can believe it! I'm so glad we are both going to Anarchapulco in February and I look forward to connecting with you more there!

IMG_9567 38.JPG

When I lost my voice and couldn't sing karaoke.... and then someone went on stage and sang the song I had been planning to rock. Thanks for commiserating with me @steemcafe, @nomadicsoul, @steemmatt, and @jarvie. Looks like @daveonarrival didn't get the memo. LOL

IMG_9567 39.JPG

ahhhh this is one of my favorite moments from Steemfest! At closing drinks @for91days and I realized that we had the same flight from Krakow to Frankfurt the next morning. Even though we hadn't had a chance to connect yet - he and @guchtere offered to pick me up and head to the airport together. @for91days got us into the business lounge where we could enjoy a quite cup of coffee on a cozy couch and hang out. That moment was such a nice contrast from the craziness of Steemfest and still makes me smile! I'm so glad we've been staying in touch since then and I'm super grateful we had a chance to connect in those last few moments of Steemfest.

IMG_9567 40.JPG

Fangirling the @steembirds(@dan-atstartlite and @jaybird) before they took the stage for their big performance.

IMG_9567 41.JPG

Another fun shot from karaoke night!

IMG_9567 42.JPG

Me and my roomies having a super classy moment where we pilled in the back of an Uber. I'm surprised the guy didn't kick us out we were laughing so hard.(@nomadicsoul, @jayna and JP. Sorry JP... I'm the worst and always forget the numbers in your username. If someone wants to comment them below - I'll update the post)

IMG_9567 43.JPG

@redrica and I grabbing a group shot during the official group photo. Such rebels.


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these shots and hearing some of my memories from Steemfest!

Xo, Lea



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Hey - it was great to meet you in person also. You're just as advertised! Look forward to seeing you again in the future.

In the meantime, keep up the great vids.


aww thanks nanzo!! The cool thing about making videos is you do feel like you get to know someone before meeting them. Glad to hear we are both just as cool in person as we are in our videos. hahah

Is it me or does it seem like we are in a few pictures together during these last 3 post. What can I say but M.J. & Larry Darry missed out. Hugs.

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They totally missed out. Or should I say Steemfest missed out because they weren't there?? I think that's more like it. @larrymorrison and @maryjaney. ;)

Lol crap, I ALSO always forget the #s in JP's username...we should write a book about him called "The Lost Steemian." It will be only one sentence long lol.

I'm SO glad you remembered to take more pics than I did! Just stealing all of yours for the memories haha.

Your rebellious group photo is really good!

Died laughing at @daveonarrival not getting the memo haha


hahah yeah I was cracking up at that too! Feel free to steal away! It's good to have photos around to look back on. :)

Poor JP... haha

Soooooo many many photos. You all were rocking it. And I saw teammalaysia people here... Muahaha. So happy they get to have a shot with you. @bitrocker2020 @elizacheng @joannewong @aaronleang. Okay I am jealous... The good one. 😋


It's cool to meet up with @coruscate... ❤️ Half of the Steem Sister... 😉

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aww it was so good to meet you @elizacheng!!


❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 missing you already!

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I totally thought of you when I met them!! <3



It always makes me so happy to see steemians I've hung out with in real life, hanging out together. You... @jarvie hahaha @steemcafe and @daveonarrival. Cheers to you all!


aww Scott!! We definitely missed you in Poland! Are you going to Austin? I hope we run into each other at another Steem meetup sometime!


Austin is in the plans... Hope to see you there!

JPMorgan123 or 321?


I think you must have broken some selfie record in 1 day 😂


Oh man... so many selfies! haha After going through all these photos though - I'm realizing selfies definitely don't make the most flattering shots. I may need to just ask someone else to take our picture next time. lol


Haha, you are doing great XD But yeah it would be cool with a personal video/camera person XD

Awww love this group pic one... I remember it now! It's funny because I don't think we actually ever got to have a proper conversation, but it didn't seem to matter at all, we were vibing from the start :) See you again soon Leah!

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I feel the same way!! We totally had a fun vibe together even though we never really talked much! :)

Some things are meant to happen in a specific way. So happy you entrusted your airport transfer into our hands and that we got to meet and talk without distractions, hehe!


So true! I'm super grateful we had that chill time together to hang out and connect. :)

Oh my the wong! lololol Thank you Lea! All the pics are lovely! :D


Glad you enjoyed them!! Who knows, maybe Steemfest will be in Thailand next year or something... who knows. Either way - I hope to meet you at some point!! :)

The username is @jeanpi1908, btw nice pictures you took.

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I'm so sorry JP!!! I kept trying different numbers and I just couldn't remember... hahah I'm the worst roomie ever.


No you were a amazing room mate

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Awwww such sweet memories ❤️❤️

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Happy Friday. It must have been pretty exciting and tons of fun to be at SteemFest. Everyone looks very festive and enthusiastic. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Thanks @buzweaveryoutube! There were definitely a lot of good vibes in the air. I'm glad you enjoyed looking through my photos. :)

What a cool shots 😎, you had a great fun over there at steemfest

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Thanks coolguy! I'm glad you enjoyed looking through the photos. :)

it's amazing, have fun at steemfest 3

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Haha we don't exist on steem...but we exist in real life!


LOL I can't believe i messed up BOTH of your names and forgot JP's. I think I win the worst roommate ever award. lol

A pleasure! Stay steemy!

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@coruscate no photo with you but that salsa dance together or whatever it was priceless ! I'm hoping we will have a chance to do that again in the future.....

Hey @coruscate, it's nice meeting you up in SteemFest, thou we didn't get chat up there but there will always be a next time like SteemFest 2019? 😂