Steemfest photos with new friends

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I'm here! And somehow there is no time to post. So here are just some pictures of some humans of Steemit.

I arrived with @embracingchaos yesterday evening and after chilling in the hotel for an hour, we went to the HF Hotel (5min walk) to the party.

We picked up our goodie bags and got some tshirt (I have to say the new logo grows on you very quickly when everyone around you is wearing it :))

And then I met some "online friends" for the first time in person!!

First I met @jza who is a Dash "colleague" of mine from Cancun. We've only known each other from the Dash community so far.


Then I met @surfermarly (I keep forgetting which Canary island she lives on) who I "met" here on Steemit - I'm really looking forward to her speech today.


And I had a lovely chat with @pnc from Canada.


I met loads more people of course - there are a few of us from Berlin here, which is great.

True Diversity

What struck me most about the event was how diverse our Steemit community is. There are people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. And I have a feeling there's an equal amount of women and men. That's pretty unheard of in the crypto space, and something many were remarking on.

Now I better finish my breakfast so I don't miss the bus to the conference later!

Happy Thursday!

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Best of luck for #Steemfest.

Beautiful @connecteconomy
You v got a charming smile and persona
Bring it on dear and keep steeming hot at steemfest2 😎