First Day Back Home, Left Voice Behind in Lisbon, Mind-Controlled my Luggage

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Hello Steemit,

I started my first-day-after-Steemfest in my local café across the street, and was greeted by the owner with, "Heyyy, you're back!"

I said, "Yeess!!" But nothing came out.
Oops? Where's my voice?

"So you're back, but your voice is still in Lisbon, eh? What did you do all weekend?"

Apparently I partied a bit more than I was aware of... 😊


Not sorry.

Once I got back home after my morning coffee, I sat down and opened my laptop, and that's where I still am now, at 7.23pm... [tries to remember if she had lunch...]

Has anyone been working today?

I mean, has anyone been able to get any work done today?

Not me.

I've been sitting at my laptop all day, just reading and commenting on other people's Steemfest accounts, and preparing my own.

I'm so happy I get to sit at my laptop, because if things on the flight home had turned out differently, I wouldn't have a laptop anymore today...

I forgot to take my laptop out of my suitcase before I checked my luggage in yesterday.

It was in the outside pouch.

I wasn't worried so much, that it would be broken once we arrived in Berlin (it's old, I'm overdue for a new one..), but that it would be stolen.

I have backups, so I also wasn't worried that I would lose my data. But I was worried that other people might access them, too.


Since I don't believe in worrying, though, I handed this case over to my imaginary Guardian Angels of Lost & Found, focused on the found-part and visualised myself opening my suitcase upon arrival, happily hugging my laptop. 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

My imaginary angels gave me a thumbs up, nodded and said, "Trust us."

"OK, phew, thanks for taking care of this..."

"But Anja...?"

I turned around (imaginary-ly) - "Uhm, yes?"

"Encrypt. From now on, always encrypt."

"Got it! Yes! Thanks angels! Lesson learned..."

And - guess what I am typing on now?

Phew. Everything turned out as visualised. 😇

If my angels keep doing such a good job, I might actually start believing in them!

Worry is a misuse of imagination

This is one of my favorite quotes. Google is not sure who said it. I heard it from coach and author Steve Chandler first, but the internet suggests a whole bunch of other names, including Ghandi.

Anyway. My interpretation of this quote is "If you wanna make stuff up, make good stuff up!"

Because, why would we fill our minds with worst case scenarios of stolen laptops or worse???
Yet, we do it all day long.
Unless we re-train ourselves.

So, I'm happy my training is working and I successfully (co-)created the outcome I wanted without getting stressed out.

Now I am visualising a nice hot bath, but I guess that won't automagically prepare itself for me, so I might actually have to get up and close my beloved laptop for today.

See you later, Steemit!

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I feel like I was in a parallel universe for the past week. It's so strange being back at work. Great to meet you at Steemfest.


You, too! Yes, parallel universe, exactly!

I am glad your computer made it home with you! I am so happy I got to meet you at steemfest. I hope your voice returns while you relax in the bath. Big Love.


Thank you! Yes, so lovely to meet you! Can't wait for next time :)

i tried to work today and really i just casted my eye over it. i need to pick everything up tomorrow!

We got a virus at SteemFest!

Not a bad virus but a virus that make us think about:

How would be a life - living on Steemit?

A life way more close with all the great people we met.
A life where we do what we like and where we get paid to make our life
A life with a lot more fun

So, as I came home late Monday evening, I was so full of power and worked even more on some steemit post and an edit of my speech.

This great idea of a decentral social network with free speech!!

Let's see what we alltogether could gain. There will be many problems to solve, but all this great people can do something!

And let's stay together whatever happens....

Your @detlev


Yes, let's infect the world and be a positive epidemic! 💜