The second personalized Christmas toy to @dan by me (handmade) part 2

in #steemfest6 years ago (edited)

It looks like they are pearls in the ball, superb @celebr1ty, I really like it !

Thanks! I like these balls too, @ned's ball and @dan's ball :)

Did you actually make the ball with those pearls ?! Or did you just write his name on it!.? Eigther way I think there both very nice! And that its a nice gesture! Good luck with your trip! I hope you make it! STEEM ON! 👍😉 upvoted and reblogged!

No, it's 100% handmade, and i made this one about 4 hours!!! You can see how i made this one here

Thats very cool, thanks for shareing how you did it with all of us! I missed that blog! Also how do you get all those little pearl like balls on there so perfectly? Around the ball? Is there a secret you can share with us!? Lol! Thanks again! 👍😉

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