[Steemfest] Follow up - Poster designs! SBD rewards will donated to the project!

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I want to follow up on @roelandp announcement post about the steemfest.com at November 11/12/13.

Some of u have noticed i'm assisting him on the preparation for the Steemfest Event in November.
I did meet @roelandp in Amsterdam last week and was directly impressed by his passion and energy.
So i decided to FULL support him towards the Nov11.

All gotten SBD rewards will contributed towards @steemfest project

So u will have a better possibility to get a preview on how the posters will look later on "LIVE".
Here we go, i was trying to make a nice small mockup collection to this cause.




How about an online conference? It will include all nationalities :)

webinars- cool idea

This. Is. Beautiful!!!

yes i love this design !! great work @cass. Upvoted you 100 percent !!

Super love your designs @cass! Looking damn good for the event! Thanks for doing this :)

Yet again I'm blown away by you and your commitment to helping grow this community. Thank you to all involved you are doing great work and I hope to get in on this when I get more practice in graphic design, I can't compete with @cass but hopefully I'll be able to help in some way soon

I am going to make this happen! to go!!! count me in @cass

need more psych 101 content!

Awesome!!!! Can't wait to see steemit grow. I have also done a steemit metup Today in India and I will be posting about it soon :)

Really cool :-)

Very nice mock-ups


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