3 Ways to WIN your way to STEEMFEST 2019!!!

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First, the thing...

STEEMFEST... the thing is STEEMFEST...

Now, the contests

There are three... not one, not two, but three contests STILL OPEN offering tickets and accommodations to this year's STEEMFEST! Imma give you all the links and stuff below... What are you waiting for????

Reviewhunt Referral Contest - Deadline to enter OCTOBER 7th, 2019

  • @steemhunt and @blocktrades have set up some sweet rewards (FREE STEEMFEST TICKETS!!) for simply referring folks to Reviewhunt. First YOU gotta join... after that... it's simple sailing.

Get Fit with Actifit Contest - Deadline OCTOBER 13th

  • Download the app Actifit
  • Use it on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Post it. And boom! You're entered for the raffle!
  • You can get more entries by sharing to other social media sites.

TravelFeed's STEEMFEST Raffle - Deadline OCTOBER 17th, 2019

  • Join TravelFeed.io and opt-in for the contest.
  • You get entries to the raffle by posting articles and bonus entries for excellent quality (chosen by a curation team).
  • Basically, do what you're already doing... and maybe win!

The Common Denominator

@blocktrades and @anomadsoul are behind these massive outpourings of support. If you see them around 👀 be sure to give them that knowing glance of approval and appreciation... or an upvote. Those can feel much like the same thing. 😍

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Now, go! Run away! Do the things!



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A much needed post to get all suggestions for SteemFest contest.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Get me there anyhow you can!!! Greatest fest so far with biggest changes related to the new Steem.

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I want to be there but I just can't :c

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