Let's go for a walk in the streets of Amsterdam

in steemfest •  2 years ago

I decided to sneak out of SteemFest and walk around on my own for a while in the area around Tobacco Theatre. I enjoyed listening to all the presentations and talking to all the awesome Steemers, Here is a picture from the panel debate. @spectral did a great job moderating the panel and they all created a wonderful conversation together.

Steemers mingling and connecting with eachother across all contries, cultures and differences.

I love walking around alone and getting lost in the streets of a new city, It is such a feeling of freedom to just walk around randomly with no goal or purpose. You see so many interesting things that you would never find otherwise.

Here is a picture of the canal boats

Somehow I managed to stumble upon the book lover's heaven.

It was a place with many small book booths filled with used books about anything you can imagine. I love novels and philosophy and I found so many interesting books, I wanted to buy them all!

All kinds of obscure philosophy books are available here!

There are endless bookshelves all the way up to the ceiling. I think I could spend days and weeks just searching for truth, wisdom and beautiful, magical stories.

You can reach the bookshelves with a ladder.

I found this wonderful castle house!

There are so many temptations in the windows! Amsterdam is famous for the rich selection of the best cheeses in the world. I decided to visit one of the shops and they offered taste samples. It was divine! I bought some “Old Amsterdam” which was their best selling cheese and my personal favourite.

After all the cheese tasting I was a bit hungry and decided to eat some tomato soup at a random restaurant, it was super good and super cheap.

A lot of equipment for every need

The view from Volks hotel

Breakfast at Volks hotel

Steemfest in Amsterdam was beyond all words and explanations. I wish to thank everyone who made the magic happen. You are all so very special, and I will never forget it.

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I agree 100% about walking around a new place going nowhere in particular. Great post. Cheers!

love the food shots. Great post, thanks for sharing. you have a new follower


thank you so much @gringalicious :D I hope to make more posts that you will like. I need to try your recipes! your food looks sooo delicious.

the bookshop got me drooling, how impresive and beautiful, amsterdam is such a dream


Yes, it's amazing. :D

I was glad to meet you!

Nice photos :)


It was nice to meet you too. :)

Thanks for documenting your trip. Hope next year is even greater. I think the steem platform is even more social than other crypto networks.


I agree, can`t wait for the next steemfest :D

That bookshop looked incredible


it was!

wish i could go for a walk there!
looks like a very nice place