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I'll keep you updated on tidbits over the next few days. It's hard to post with everything going on...

The flight was great as you can see.

Found some new friends in the bus towards the conference. I'll keep it short. It's hectic over here.

@ned talked about some general stuff. Very optimistic. Very future oriented. @roalandp did great intro speech. Good communicator. I want more to hear him advocate steem some more.

@vandeberg was a bit technical. He wants to improve how witness nodes work so it does not become 'prohibitively expensive' to run it. Steem has more transactions than Ethereum it seems. What's with the price then? Also, some info about Velocity, the next form - infamous HF20!

@sneak had his iconic visor glasses. There is a new wallet coming out in December. It is a mobile one. New wallet means steem price bump. It usually works that way.

Over and out!

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Mobile wallet looks cool <3 <3 glad to see you all man seriously ! hey i want your pic with @hilarski i think he is also with you ?

Hello my friend, it's nice to see you are at steemfest2 and enjoying your time, can you plz ask them why they drew a greenish line in front of our blog posts and leaving a wide space empty is there any specific reason behind it or it's a mistake, Stay awesome and have a very cheerful steemfest2 ahead.



You can talk to @timcliff about it on the #help channel on discord or the dm. He may have clues and do pull requests if necessary but i do think that has been removed already.


lol terry i always see your 10000 tabs lol ! :P crazyy :P




ok thank you very much my friend for your kind response.

Thanks for the brief report highlights, for those who are missing :)

Thanks for these awesome informations mate! All these developments but the price of steem is keeping going down, this is sad to see though! Hope to see it rise soon!

Thanks for updating us, have to watch all videos on Sunday when I have real internet back, enjoy it buddy and drink enough beer before midnight 🙄🍻

@buzzbeergeek interesting ideas I just found out
net Scott face here.

Great update, @buzzbeergeek. Please keep sharing. Please what is the new wallet about? Can you shade more light on how it gonna work or be utilized? Thanks. @greatness96

Nice, new wallet. Did they talk about Smart Media Token though?

Thanks a lot for the update but once you are back home please write in detail everything that happen and grab your attention or it's worth to be share.
Have fun as well!😉

Appreciate the update. Please keep it flowing. Any big announcement on the horizon to push the sagging Steem price higher?

Wow that is really super exciting I am waiting for the new wallet to come into market.

Man I wonder if the Steem creators are thinking of pushing Steem as more of a digital cash. Since the transactions are free and almost instantaneous with such high transactions, it would seem like a good way to boost Steem without much trouble.

I don't understand why the Steem wallet has the Steemit Logo though. I thought they were pushing to separate the identity of the two?

Thanks for the 411 on what is going on.

A new wallet, a mobile one, is very exciting. I agree that usually means a nice bump in price. STEEM is an undervalued coin at the moment. I believe with consistent effort on this medium, we can all help move it forward. There is a huge opportunity with the steem blockchain and all the apps that are showing up.

Keep the good news coming @buzzbeergeek.

Heck yea brotha! good infos you are passing to us. Keep us updated..

Price Pump for sure

There is live streaming and the update here in Steemit. Even though we are missing the fun part over there, but all the information we are getting from you all.

Thanks to post

Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appriciate that

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative post!!

That was a good summary of events today at Steemit!

thanks for the new wallet,i am interested to use this new wallet and feeling a little bit crazy.

I just love it sir.....

Thank you sir for sharing

Nice post bro

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!