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Alts had a nice bump yesterday! I hope you cashed in some! I think there is even more gains there coming. And if you lost any, no regrets.

Still have plenty of things from Steemfest I wanted to share. Here are some of nice Locations and random stuff that seemed memorable.

The flight to Lisbon made me remember how beautiful the scenery can get. Fluffy clouds and what seemed like a near miss by another plane.

I found comfort in the only beer available! The tiny baby lager. Ah well… if there is nothing better on hand.

@roalandp and the team made sure the conferences were held on quite spectacular locations. Inside and out.

Lisbon surroundings.

The city itself seemed colorful but bit empty.

And the Steemdog of Steemfest. Guess the owner!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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Great pics. I went to Lisbon last year for a Bachelor party. We had a blast. Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.

It was just such a great time in Lisbon.

The beer at the viewpoit was awesome and now I will have a look to your trail to follow.

As many people missed my slot about quality content with beer, feel free to have a look to a speech about valuable content from SteemFest on and leave me please some critical or positive comments


Yup. Good times!

I'll look into it and advertise in the next post ;)

Baš ti zavidim, ne zbog steema, nego zbog puta ;)


Hehe, hvala.

Steemfest really was something out of the ordinary.

i wish i wish i wish i could have went there 😢😭😟😢

Cashed some .... Where do you Cash them in ? I thought we supposed to just Hold them forever.


Cash to USD then buy on a dip! NO evil fiat ofc!

A Heineken is better than nothing 🍻

Sure looked like a great place for it
As for Heineken when I travelled a lot it was my go to beer since it’s available almost everywhere

You sure had a nice time at Steemfest. Wonderful scenery, beautiful locations, good food and all. Wish I could have made it there. Would definitely prepare to attend the next steemfest.

Spectacular pics! So jealous 😎

Woohooo,,,, Wonderful photo captures you clicked on in Lisbon, In the plane also...Your steemfest2 experience is very better and stunning my mind. Alts bumping its huge news for crypto investors.
Have a nice day..

good photo

Lisbon is quite lovely ♦♦ The GOLD colors are great.

I do hope you had a fulfilling time ♦♦ Wish I could've been there -- anyway, hope the alts continue..

All Your pictures were good.. but i liked the last 1 w/ the dog and the 6th, 7th, 8th ones + the 9th one wth all the CLOUDS [I suppose because I live in the midwest where we GET lots of Cumulus clouds & low-lying clouds, etc ]

TAKE CARE... will HOIST a #Beer to you today..

The view from the plane is wonderful. Lisbon is a city with many tourist attractions, and the location of the conference is nice

3 photos of beer? really? xD

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 10.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @buzzbeergeek
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Enough booze for steemfest and another for the road hahaha

you had a fulfilling time in Lisbon Portugal. Its nice fun journey. Spectacular clicks you upload. Great time @buzzbeergeek

Great post my friend well done

Wonderful visualization with marvelous landscaping view your photo sets@buzzbeergeek. Really enjoyable & memorable one.
Upvote & Resteem.

what a long post.


Great post

but that only beer has managed to dominate the world
is it bad?
I thought it's a good one
I only take water, tea, coffee and juice though
I own the dog lol hahaha