I’m Officially Going to SteemFest!

in steemfest •  5 months ago


So I’ve just made it official. I booked my airfare and thanks to the help of @roelandp, booked my Airbnb! I’m exhausted and will write up a proper post tomorrow but I just wanted to share the news with the couple of you that will actually give a shit that I’m coming out!!! 😜

I still do NOT have a ticket. Hoping for a miracle in winning one although I think it’s a long shot. Ya never know though...

Talk to ya all tomorrow! Super pumped!

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Awesome! Glad you’ll be there representin’!


Maybe next year you can go off the earnings from your mega successful comic!!

Hell yeah. Bad ass man.


Thank you brother. Hoping for a killer experience.

Very cool!!! Congrats.


Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to update daily with what’s happening.

Hey, that's fucking sweet, dude. Fingers crossed that your whore ass wins a ticket still.


Yeah brother. Me as well. We need one of us there to represent!!! Lol

Super apartment! How did you find it?