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With around 300-400 people at this years Steemfest, there is too many people to get a chance to speak to everyone, but here are a few of the faces I have got chatting to at Steemfest this year so far.

Of course starting with the team (from left, me @ashleypeat, @jerrybanfield @tomasgeorge @starkerz

@ginacarr & @terrybrock, lovely couple. @molometre filmed Terry's talk on how to make good content. You can watch it here:














There was a few more also that I didn't get a picture as I basically couldn't be bothered after a certain point in the night (it was a free bar) haha


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Congratulations, Steemfest Resteem!

thanks @ocd! :)

Nice post. It was great meeting everyone at Steemfest!

wow... so many lovely pictures @ashleypeat
i can see by buddy @jerrybansfield and so many known faces... even a steemit doggy at steemfest2... wow... missed a lot...good ones.. keep it coming

great to see so many steemians!
and team @ocd's @meanmommy33 seems to be enjoying herself :)

great post, wish i was there, maybe next year.
hope u all fun guys :-)

This was cool to see. I am glad @virtualgrowth is showing his face now!

Haha nice to meet you my friend! But you forgot my 'E'!

sorry dude, i think i cant edit the post anymore but ill remember for next time! :)

It's great to put faces on those names. Keep on steeming!

good post @ashleypeat looks like you had a great time!

Nice! Getting familiar with the faces behind the Steemit profiles... speaking of which, I'm pretty sure the third guy next to you in the first photo is @fredrikaa :-)

@juka! :)

steemfest dog is essential

Thanks for putting a face to these names. Always wondered how they look like in real life :P

Wow this was a nice experience.....will have to be there next year.
This part has just killed bar,will have to come to that free bar next year hahahahha

I basically couldn't be bothered after a certain point in the night (it was a free bar) haha

there was one almost every night. Plus some unbelievable dinners. Well worth the ticket price!