Team APPICS at SteemFest 3: Conference Day 1 [VIDEO]

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STEEMFEST 3 is on!

Team APPICS arrived in Krakow, Poland and after the Opening Drinks, SteemFest really kicked off yesterday with the first full day of conferences.

Watch our clip of Team APPICS at conference day 1 below on DTube:

Shot & edited by @thehipsterguru

The venue for this first conference day was "Stara Zajezdnia" - an old tram depot that has been turned into a brewery and restaurant.

And for SteemFest, the whole conference room had been decorated in the SteemFest 3 Motto FIRE IT UP! with red lights and flames in the background!

The day started with the wonderful event organizer @roelandp holding his opening speech, welcoming everyone to Steemfest.

(Can you believe that there are attendees from 47 different countries this year?)

Next was a Q&A with Steemit CEO @ned and @andrarchy.

Andrew asked Ned about the future of Steemit and STEEM, and he mentioned that they are currently working on a new company (nicknamed Destiny) within the STEEM ecosystem.
They also talked about applications on STEEM like Steemmonsters, different types of smart contracts, and the impact that SMT's will have on the STEEM ecosystem in the future.

And so the day continued with many different interesting blockchain- or steem-related presentations -

it's so amazing to see how many Steemians are growing, building their own projects, and bringing their vision of a more crypto-adapted world to life.

Also, we were all wearing very special APPICS outfits this day...

Representing our official APPICS Merchandise collection - coming SOON!

(If you want to buy one, we brought some exclusive merch with us - just contact us!)

On SteemFest Conference Day 2, Uma @mrs.steemit will be presenting APPICS on the main stage. We'll share thaat in the next post - stay tuned!

Make sure to follow us on instagram @appics.official to see what we're up to - and you can also watch the SteemFest Livestreams here!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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@kobold-djawa and @jaki01, did you guys see the vid?? There's the little Janas in here! :D


Yeeeesss, the video is awesome 😍😍😍.
Jana has fun too here. You should come next time 😉.


This year is just not the best situation for me but next year I sure would love to! Enjoy the rest of the event you guyssss <3


Yes please tell them about it! We loved meeting Janas 😊




Thank you so much 🙌 Yes the merch will be available very soon!


when are ya'll gonna launch? the world needs this platform @appics


Great, you guys killing it. 💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥


Good presentation Uma. I'm going to check out the app, it looks interesting.


I am using the app for about 3 months and its amazing:) I believe you would love it Ophelia:)


Well if you think I would love it!
-I've just signed up on the waiting list.




Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

It was very nice and interesting to watch your presentation at SteemFest, and after it, in addition, having some discussions with @thehipsterguru and @soldier. :)

still waiting on your coin.

Keep it going guys. You all do rock.

Really excited for the coming days.
Enjoy whole Team.

Looks pretty rad.. Will check out the next post! Good Luck ✌️😎

Keep up the good work Appics, the merch looks amazing and of course all of you:)

This is beautiful @appics. I love the vision and the confidence you exude. The women in these scenes are stunning! Where was I 😣

This is really amazing to see that the APPICS team are heavily present at SF. These pictures are colorful and fantastic!
A big shout-out to Uma and every other person.


Thank you so much 🙌 appreciate it!

Nice video, well done! :)

Cool Merchandise and Video looking forward to more content from you!

Whoa! That looked like such a cool event! And the merch looks kewl ;-) When can we start buying them up?


Thank you 😬 appreciate it! We just got the first batch of our collection delivered, and will set up the online shop in the coming weeks! Stay tuned

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My eyes were glued til the end :)

Wow Congratulations friends! It's a great video, very professional, very beautiful appics girls. Everyone looks very happy at SteemFest. God bless you all. Greetings from Venezuela ... I'm running to download the app appics.

Impressive quality of content and great storytelling - I love the way you merge people and visions in your productions! Also the merchandising looks great - I'll surely need one of those dresses :-)

As promised during the conference I'll sign up to the testnet, am very curious about how it looks like.

See you on the block!

EDIT: That is the topic i was refering to during our conversation on the 2nd conference day.

Awsome video! Rly nice footage and edit :)
I am super excited for the finished product and the usage of this in my daily life.


Love Appics , those outfits and shirts are so awesome Uma @mrs.steemit , I really wish I was there , and I cant wait to watch the presentations , especially day one with @ned and @aggroed , plus of course the awesome Team Appics crew, you guys really rock and I cant wait for the App to finally be released in March ! I have been collecting bounty from the start ! Hope you guys had a great time at Steemfest and in Krakow !!👍✌💕😍💁

Wonderful Day 1

@thehipsterguru great job with footage, editing, music and transitions :)

This video was really amazing and threw me right back at Steemfest. So cool to see all the familiar faces in there. Well done. I can't wait to make videos for Appics and upload them to the app.

That black Tee is the bimb!!!

Woah! Team APPICS is here to tell a story.