STEEM bonds?

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I watched the discussion @ashleypeat and @tomasgeorge had with @starkerz at #SteemFest.

One interesting concept @starkerz put forth is the option to lock up your powered up STEEM for a longer (or shorter) period than 13 weeks in exchange for a higher/lower curation reward. This would act sort of like a STEEM bonds system. Also, another idea regarding this, could be the possibility to trade STEEM bonds on an open exchange and let the market decide what the interests rates should be for the bonds.

Even as a minnow, I would definitely have no problem locking most of my STEEM for 1-2 years if this behavior would be incentivized with higher curation rewards.

Would absolutely support this proposal for a future HF.


Also, if you haven't already, check out @starkerz's presentation made yesterday at #SteemFest.


I think you start getting into some crazy tax scenarios once you start doing these types of things. While they sound awesome and cool they are considered short term investments and capital gains I imagine keeping track of something like this for end of year taxes would be a true nightmare!

Nice, thanks for sharing this video :)

Well, it would be nice to be able to get more rewards for holding on Steem POWER longer. But, this wouldn't benefit Minnows and below, because the people who are already getting higher rewards will just keep their Steem POWER locked up and take even more higher rewards.

I say, just keep it as is.
If they want to provide a reward for "saving" STEEM, then create a way to earn interest on STEEM put into "savings". STEEM that the user isn't using personally, but can be delegated out or something.

Vested steem (steem power) earns interest and can be delegated out. I don't think saved steem should be able to be delegated since it's technically in-use.

In the "Savings" potion of the Wallet. It takes 3 days to get it out of there. So, it isn't in use. Instead of putting the interest on Steem POWER, put it on STEEM that is being saved.

The reason for putting interest on VESTs is to partly compensate for the inflationary effects of having a reward pool.
I get that STEEM locked into savings takes 3 days to get out. What I'm saying is that VESTing does what you asked; a small amount of interest and the right to delegate. If something is in savings, I think you should earn interest but not be able to delegate from out of savings. Because, savings is frozen and delegation is in-use. In-use by proxy is still in use.

I meant for STEEMit/STEEM to be able to use it for something, not the user.

Kind of like how a bank takes money saved to give loans to other people.

Hmmm. I think savings acts a bit more like a "Reverse Bank" does in a fractional reserve system; that is when you deposit savings you are explicitly taking money out of the economic system. Having savings act like a Commercial Bank and loan it is like our fractional reserve system where that money in savings in turn creates other money and so on. I'm not sure I'm down with that.

Steem is already "creating" money automatically through the rewards pool.

Sure. I just don't get how STEEM (as opposed to Steemit) would use the Saved STEEM for anything useful.

Actually. Good you mentioned Steemit. Because, while I have problems with the blockchain STEEM doing savings/loans, I'd have zero problems with a Steem-backed -UI (e.g. Steemit, Busy, chainbb, dtube, dsound, zappl) doing exactly this; allowing their users to Save their STEEM in exchange for intereste. Effectively, investing this money into whatever the maker of that UI decided. I think some SMTs will end up running this kind of model in their communities.

But, this wouldn't benefit Minnows and below

I don't know about that. With the current system we have now, even a minnow can make a profit just from curation rewards. Sure, way less than a whale, but still, it's doable.

If I were to earn larger curation rewards just by staking part of my STEEM for longer, I wouldn't hesitate to do it.

You can only split the reward so many ways. So, if a Whale gets an even larger percentage from holding on to his Steem POWER, then lower SP holders get a smaller amount.

Very cool idea. Esp. if we can do this proportionality over our SP: eg I might lockup 50% for 104 weeks, 50% for 13 weeks.
At first glance, these types of instruments look like rich getting richer. To some extent that is true. Except that a minnow who doesn't powerdown their SP gets access to the same proportional growth rate as the whales.

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Interesting concept...

the proposal is wonderful, hopefully it gets going, an open market, it is always favorable for everyone, not like the sad history of the communist influence that is in my last post.

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