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Whenever you arrive to an event you have expectations.


Some people think it is unwise to do it but as humans we can´t help it, we always expect something out of everything. The more I heard about Steemfest1 in Amsterdam, the more expectations I built around the biggest event of the year - regarding Steem -, and as time passed by and the date came, my mind was going at 100km/h.

From the hackaton pre-drinks until conference day 2, I´ve met a lot of Steemians from completely different backgrounds, diverse cultures, mindset and in different stages of their own path, but with one thing in common: Steemit.

I don´t like to generailze or put tags into people but I´ll do this just to try and be more asertive: Steemfest gathers thinkers, developers. geeks, travelers., foodies, project makers, helpers, doers etc from all over the world and to have all these amazing people in one place wouldn´t be possible without this crypto-world from which I had never heard about up until a few months ago.

The beautiful thing about coming here is not the networking. It is not the visibility your posts might have after this. It is also not the drinks included nor the Portuguese food.

It is the engagement. The chance to meet people from a country 8,000 km from yours, to be able to have a conversation and share a beer with someone you would never have met if not for Steemfest.

So far I´ve met quite a lot of big names in the Steemit community, people who just started blogging, folkls who just vote and comment, bros who publish a different story everyday and so on.

I thought I would have to introduce myself a lot, but the thing is, on this platform, most people engage and actually scroll through their feed and through the tags. A lot of people heard about my hitchhiking adventure and how I got here.

You can´t imagine how many hugs I´ve given to strangers in real life, but friends in this online world.

And to be able to put a face behind a username, that is what has me thrilled.

I will keep hugging you kind stranger, and I´ll keep taking selfies with you. I just can´t help myself, the excitement about this takes over me, and we are not even through day 2.

So yeah, Steemfest2 is not what I expected. It is way more. Attending has been the best decision I´ve made in 2017 so far.

If you see me smiling all the time, it is because I can´t control it, I´m as happy as I can be, and it is all because of you.

Go figure.



I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Un grande Manrique Anomadsoul con los asiáticos, se ve que lo andas pasando genial !!!

Nice to see you enjoy your stay there

wow @anomadsoul
i cannto agree more... steemfest is a platform where you put a face to all those usernames and you guys overthere are very fortunate... i have so many steemian as buddies but still need to put that face into those many usernames and where else do i plan to do steemfest!
keep it coming... you guys are the best

I'm really starting to regret my decision not to come based on everything I keep reading. Hmm....

That's cool that you are having such a great time.. I have been following your adventures hitchhiking there that sounds like just as much fun is actually going to Steemfest..

Amazing post! I really regret not making it to steemfest. But count me in next year!

How wonderful, it makes me really glad to see that you made it and that you're having so much fun! :) I'll definitely have to go next year!

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You guys looks as if you are really enjoying the time! nice for you @anomadsoul.

I'm sure you guys had a great dinner @anomadsoul. Looks like you have done a great things

Hey Eric, it was so great to meet you here at SteemFest2! What you write here is so true, and in even better words than I can write. Keep on traveling, my friend! :D

It was really cool to meet you @anomadsoul and @martibis. Also the other asian looking guy that I couldn't find the handle, do you know? You guys are great! And I didn't know that you came hitchhiking to Lisbon, what an experience!!! ;)

I'm smiling with you!

Awwww yes!! So glad I met you, and it was such a cool experience to have you in our acro class!

Duuuuuuuuude, I FEEL YOU! I can't imagine not having been at steemfest2, its changing my FREEKING LIFE right now! haha. Great to meet you man and will definitely see you around, in real life as well as online I hope.....perhaps on a potential mad-cool project sometime eh? You know what Im saying. ....;)

Sabia que no te arrepentirías mi @anomadsoul, estoy tan feliz de verte allí, sonriente y haciendo lo que te gusta. Se que algún día sacaras un libro enseñándonos el arte de vivir. Un abrazote inmenso y sigue disfrutando de tu travesía.

This sounds like a very accurate summary of my own experience. It was great meeting you. Never stop exploring or steeming!

Qué macizo que lograste ir!!! :D Te perdí la pista bien machín y me andaba preocupando xD pero no sé cómo rayos no se me ocurrió entrar a tu blog... ¿qué rollo conmigo? XD
En fin, me da mucho gusto saber que te fue de lo mejor :D neta! Y prometiste que tendrías más aventuras por iurop así que ya sabes, a aventurerear se ha dicho, no?

It was so nice to meet you at the LX Factory on Sunday. I am still blown away by how amazing STEEMFest was.

Amigo que lindo todo lo que hablas, me alegro que hayas disfrutado, estoy pendiente de tu 2da publicación de cuando te incendiaste.

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