What would you ask Satoshi Nakamoto if you could meet him?

in steemfest •  11 months ago

As many of you noticed, on Steemfest today Ned Scott was interviewed on a fireside chat.

I really appreciated the way of leading the talk by the interviewer Andrew McMillen (http://andrewmcmillen.com/). Thanks for this effort, wich is often undervalued!

One of the questions which were raised to Ned was, what would Ned ask Satoshi Nakamoto if he had the chance to meet him.

Politely and charming as he is, he just answered: "I would ask him for his name."

What brought bright laughter to the audience, brings me to the question:

What would you ask Satoshi if you could?


I'm curious about your answers in the comments...

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Thanks Anna, I'm glad you enjoyed my interview!


I really did.

Can I borrow a few bitcoin?

"who do you work for"