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I present photos from SteemFest and a video in which I discuss SteemFest, what it was like, what I saw, what I learned, how I feel now that it's over, and how it has changed my vision of the future.

I have so many photos and videos from SteemFest it will take me a while to post it all so I am going to start with just some photos of the people I met and had an amazing time with. Unfortunately I don't have decent (read: in focus) of everyone I met, so a special shout out to @mrs.steemit, @fabio, @opheliafu, and too many more to mention.

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Awesome post @andrarchy! It was a pleasure to meet you on the same wavelength in Amsterdam, and I look forward to our collaborations in the future! I'm down to have as frequent Steemfests as we can put together, and I'm extremely excited about potential Steem communities--it's AWESOME to live with people who are inspired by the same vision every single day. Please let's build it!! This is an extremely accessible idea; we're living it at the @gardenofeden, and we're ready to expand with Eden 2.0. To me, Steemians are the ideal inhabitants of the newest cutting edge ecovillage we're already creating!

💛 Sara!

Really enjoyed your thinking in your video and also, I've been wishing people were labeling photos, THANK YOU for this!

My pleasure!

YES! You basically put everything into words that I've been thinking. Steemians are amazing people, a community that brings out the best version of yourself and I soooo agree on the "longer" part, that we need more time. I've never felt as connected and also "at the right place". As a young entrepreneur especially it was amazing to only be encouraged and inspired instead of doubted. I can't wait for next year! :)

I've spent some time in Boulder, CO. Very good vibe there. Lots of friendly people. It's a fairly big city I think, but it has a very small-town America feel to it. You know, like something you'd see portrayed in an old black and white film. Plus, there's a small chance I might be able to make it ;).

Great video and summary! Didn't get chance to talk with you during SteemFest, though I hope next time :)
You are indeed right about technology should be seamlessly integrated and no need to mention Steem to user, just have app for specific purpose and that it works.

Hey @andrarchy.

Let me just say the pleasure was all mine in meeting such a personable and all round great guy as yourself. Love your videos regardless, but getting to know the man himself was an unexpected bonus surprise! I thank you for that privilege!

Hope to see you again at the next Steemfest.

It would take an army to keep me away!

I'm so glad to hear that! I look forward then to our next meet. :)

Btw, I got snowed in/my drone wouldn't work so I spent all day trouble shooting/now it's dark, might be the perfect day to start The Symbiotic Protocol!

Lol!! Without a doubt, buddy! :)

Great post, you are a pro! Monumental photo too: my cousin and I are arguing and @svk is at the wrong place and time lol

Haha and he's looking pleadingly at the camera! Haha actually I think he was just making a funny face, but that story sounds better!

Indeed but the body language supports it as well!

So glad the sentiments you shared were also mine--crazy we were all feeling so close like family. The energetic infusion in this event was unparalleled with such great diversity and the magnitude of a common goal. Thank you for this post. Truly grateful to know you and live for progressive purpose.

Back at you! It was great spending time with you and @sarahmiller and I hope to some day be able to come and visit you guys at the @gardenofeden

So grateful to connect. Wouldn't a visit be quite the divine alignment. Perhaps it shall manifest.

I have a funny feeling it might :)

Great!! Laughing with you!

I had to rewind that video 'did he say quick and dirty post?' yes he did. My cat just paused your video- I don't know what she is trying to tell me!

I just can't get my mind out of the gutter!

You're a talented photographer. GREAT! and thanks for the pic. :)

Thaaaaanks. Great meeting you!

The ultimate irony -- @shenanigator and I are sitting in the Icelandic airport watching the video you shot here. I'm finding myself nodding along to every single word. It was just phenomenal to be around such forward-thinking people. People who really are interested in solving larger-than-life problems, even if it means getting a little dirty. And that, as you said, is not something you experience everywhere. (Especially since people are so used to and comfortable with the status quo. The interactions and enthusiasm represent a little bit of magic that I know everyone at SteemFest is going to hold on to and let fuel the future of this platform.

Really glad we had a chance to chat on Sunday after the closing dinner. It's always enjoyable to connect with a like-minded individual!

P.S. You mentioned this weekend made you "the best version of yourself." Not only do I feel the same, but I believe that being around the right people makes people the best versions of themselves. Which is perhaps why it was so incredible to meet such a large group of people who ALL seemed to bring out the best in each other.

Absolutely. It was great meeting you guys.

Very impressive video and summary for everyone who didn't had a chance to witness this awesome event.

I'm at work, shit!! I cant wait to finish to watch your video lol

Lol, the best hippie, I had the opportunity to meet him.
Also it was nice meeting you!

Hi @andrarchy!!!

I love your video above so much and am so happy you felt the same as we all did. I just wish I could have talked to you longer. That's why I fully support you in holding a longer event next time round, lol!

Please definitely make it to the next one.

Of course I'll be there. Hell or high water!

You saying that has just made my day!

You also mentioned you had some issues with the snow up in Iceland so I hope you got that sorted and are now back home safely from the Steemfest.

Well, my stay in Iceland was planned. I'm here in Norther Iceland till Monday. Unfortunately I am pretty much snowed in, so it looks like most of my time will be spent in the home I rented! I just tried to go for a little drive and the roads are covered in ice, the snow is coming down pretty hard so it is difficult to see, and the wind is crazy!

Oh I see! Wow, those conditions sound really dangerous to drive in. Please be careful on the roads! Otherwise I'm sure Iceland must look very picturesque right now. Hope it starts to clear up by the time you have to leave .

All the best, @andrarchy! :)

It was such nice dinner chat with you ! I just got to Vienna last night after spending a few more days in awesome AMsterdam .
Finally I am trying to catch up on the online world again and a sightseeing tour for @firepower in the rain ☔️

Yes it was wonderful chatting!

Damn man you make it so difficult to comment without writing an essay. So many great points raised in your video, combined with some fantastic pictures. I especially like your take on 'the best self' - I felt so present and flowing, just in the moment during Steemfest... that at times I was probably acting from my best self. Great experience :)

I wanned to enjoy the video so I didnt watched in breaks at work or something like that. I waited untill I was in the hotel to watch it and the wait was totally worth ​it. I totally agree with all of it. After the weekend I´m even more confident that steemit is going to be something huge. I also felt the same about the time it lasted, it should have been at least two days more. I´m telling you my friend, today is wednesday and I´m still thinking about last weekend so much, it doesnt go away from my mind. That means that what we all together experienced was something very very special and it will last in our memories forever.

Awesome post Andrarchy, I had no idea there are so many great projects in the works Busy sounds very exciting.

PS thank you for the resteem

I can't watch the videos now from work but i love the photos!! What a weekend

Don't worry, it can wait :)

Love it! Fantastic pictures and thanks so much! It was great meeting you man! Watching out for my post coming up in a few hours from now! :)

Great meeting you too, will do.

grear video, thanks alot fo sharing @andrarchy

That video was awesome. You're very good at this. I look forward to hear more from you!

Awesome pics... thx for sharing!

Great video! It was great meeting you and the whole Steem Teem :D

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Good to see such happy people!

Great pictures! Next time I will be there :)

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