We had a BLAST at SteemFest 2017! Check out our highlights (includes VIDEO) :)steemCreated with Sketch.

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SteemFest 2017 was incredible.

Some would call it "creamy and delicious" ( @roelandp ). Others might call it a disruptive revolution ( @basilmarples, @jexblackmore ). Everyone would say they "had a ball", were entertained, met many new friends, and potentially even learned a thing or two!

On day 1 I had the honor of presenting on how the event ticketing industry is broken (and how we're using the STEEM blockchain to fix it). Thanks a TON to all of the awesome people who came to listen and all of those since who have expressed their support! You rock. And for anyone who missed it, here's the full video.

Below are a few highlights from the @passagex team's visit (myself @alexlinebrink, @transientheart, @thegreenone, @mgodrou, and @joshpeterson who couldn't make it). We could only stay for the first two days and missed quite a bit, but we still made memories that we'll never forget. Thank you STEEMIANS!

Thank you STEEMIANS!

Special shoutouts to:
@roelandp, @robrigo, @lovejoy, @getonthetrain, @eroche, @basilmarples, @jexblackmore, @xanoxt, @terrybrock, @ned, @wandereronwheels, @wolfcat, @jeffjagoe, @exploretraveler, @aaronkoenig, and a bunch of people I probably missed. Can't wait to see you all at the next one!


Thanks for sharing your experience! My friend attended and I heard about the awesomeness. Now that I finally joined steemit and posted my #introduceyourself blog entry, I'm having a good time exploring the platform and checking out SteemFest footage. I'm already dreaming about going to the next one!

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What a blast! Met so many amazing people, and Lisbon was beautiful! #Steemfest #Steemit #CreamyandDelicious

Great stuff, man. Looks like it was a lot of fun! @originalworks

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