[PROPOSAL] Sabang-Weh Island, Aceh: The Next SteemFest Destination...!

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As one of the most rapidly growing regions in the world of steemian population, it is worth noting that EOs consider Weh Island, Sabang (Aceh) as the location of the next SteemFest event.

About Sabang (Weh Island)


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Refer to wikitravel.org, Sabang is a town name on an island north of Banda Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra. Strictly speaking, the island's name is Weh Island (Pulau Weh) and Sabang is the main town on the north coast, but the names are often used interchangeably. Among locals the place is more often referred to as "Sabang" but among tourists it is well known as "Pulau Weh". The island is best known for its snorkeling and diving.

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Sabang also known as "Zero Kilometer of Indonesia". For detail location I have pin it on Steemit Worldmap. Check it out there by using this coordinate > !steemitworldmap 5.887553 lat 95.329399 long  d3scr.

Distinations (Spot):

You will not good enough to stay for short term in this island, because there's too much spot that you need to visit before you die. Here some clue that I can show you, so you can prepare everything you need before you come to the place.

#1. Sabang Marina Bay

Sabang Marina "Lhok Weng" Bay is an International Harbor, where ships or yacht--whether large or small-- often lean from various countries, because of its very strategic position. Located between two poles of the sea, namely the Malaca Strait and the Indian Ocean. Most of the ships who sail through the "silk route", will surely stop here, just to take a rest or to refuel itself. In 2016, Marina Bay was once used as the location for The International Marine Festival.[image]

#2. Iboih Beach

Weh Island is famous for having many beaches with stunning blue sea water, one of them is "Iboih Beach", the most beatiful beach in the world you have to see. This destination also near Sabang Marina Bay.

In this tourist spot, you can enjoy the beautiful charm of the beach, from the boat that has been provided for rent. In addition, this beach is also very fun to be a place of snorkeling and diving. There are many services that provide snorkeling and diving equipment.[image]

#3. Rubiah Island

In this island there is a tomb of the Cut Nyak Rubiah, which makes this island named Pulau Rubiah. According to local information, it is said that the surrounding grave of Cut Nyak Rubiah there are also many other tombs that are the tombs of their children. However, visitors do not have to fear the existence of the tomb.

The island presents a very beautiful underwater nature. There are many beautiful coral reefs and stunning little ornamental fishes. In addition to the beach Iboih, Rubiah Beach is also suitable for snorkeling and diving.[image]

#4. Aneuk Laot Lake

"Aneuk Laot" Lake or often referred to as Fresh Water Lake is located in the Village "Aneuk Laot". In the Acehnese language itself, Aneuk Laot means the child of the sea. The name of this lake is given because the city of Sabang surrounded by the sea, but the lake is always sufficient for clean water for the local community.

Like the natural attractions in general, this place also presents the beauty of stunning natural scenery. Around the lake there are many towering lush trees that are suitable as a resting place. Visitors also do not have to worry about the heat during the daytime visit, because the air in this place is very cool.

Tourists can also see the Sabang sunset which is right beside the lake. A very beautiful scene will also appear at night. Because this lake will look more beautiful with the lights that come from the hills above the city of Sabang. This one tourist place it seems suitable to be a vacation spot with family.[image]

#5. Anoi Itam Beach

In the aceh language "Anoi Itam" means black sand. Can be concluded, so Beach "Anoi Itam" This is a beach that has a stretch of black sand. This is a uniqueness that is not owned by the beaches in general. The black sand is most likely derived from the volcano on the island of Weh is still active.

Nevertheless, the expanse of black sand has no impact whatsoever. So, visitors can still play on the edge of the beach as usual. For those of you who want to visit a unique and slightly different beach sensation, it feels like Anoi Itam Beach is the right choice.[image]

#6. Pria Laot Waterfall

While visiting Weh Island we would think to visit the beach or island tourist attractions. In fact, there is a hidden tourist attraction that is very captivating and not much known by tourists, namely Laot Men Waterfall. This waterfall attraction is located in the upstream of Mount Sarung Keris, precisely in the southern part of Weh Island.

Green trees that surround the location of the waterfall as if to drain the eye for those who enjoy it. The air around this place also feels cool and fresh. One of the hallmarks of this place is that tourists will hear a variety of birds singing with a beautiful voice.

Although this waterfall pool has a size that is not too big, but swimming and kicking in the pool of water is an exciting thing. When soaking, the body feels like dikelitiki. This is because in this water pool there are many small fish that welcome the tourists.[image]

#7. "Keuneukai" Hot Springs Pool

Want to pamper your body during the holiday season? soaking in "Keuneukai" Hot water pool can be the object of your choice. This hot water bath is one of tourist destination that is very attractive to tourists during a visit to Sabang. Visitors can later soak and feel the relaxation of the body in this hot water baths Keuneukai.

The location of this place is located in the southern part of Weh Island, precisely located in Gampong Keuneukai Kec. Sukajaya. To get to the hot spring location is not too difficult. Coupled with the convenience of public transportation routes in the city of Sabang.

Tourist attractions in Sabang is very much. In addition to beaches, islands, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions, the city also has a volcano located in the middle of Weh Island. That's why hot springs in the Keuneukai hot spring come from.[image]

And much more destination that you can visit here.


To hold a meeting or just to stay, you need not to worry when visiting Sabang. There are many accommodation choices that you can book in this place, whether it be hotel, resort, bungalow or home-stay.

Here I present some for you :

#1. Casanemo Resort & Spa

For those of you who want to honeymoon in Sabang, Casanemo is the ideal lodging for couples who want to spend time together. How not, the atmosphere of the rooms in Casanemo is so romantic with dim lights and bed with a mosquito net.

The specialty of Casanemo is its location that is on the beach, so the more romantic in your honeymoon with your partner.

Facilities provided by the inn include room service, safe, Wi-Fi in public areas, restaurant, laundry services, tour services, car or bicycle rental, and a 24-hour reception. Casanemo is located at Jalan K.H. Agus Salim, Kel. Ie Maulee, Kec. Sukajaya, Sabang, Aceh.[image]

#2. Sabang Hill Hotel

Hotel Sabang Hill is an excellent stay for those who want to rest comfortably in an elegantly exclusive place. The hotel offers a wide range of room options and excellent facilities. From the hotel you can also see directly to the beach near the hotel.

Hotel Sabang Hill is located on Jalan Cut Ali, Sabang, Pulau Weh.

In this hotel is also available Meeting Room, which is equipped with facilities Full AC, LCD Projector and Audio Sound. It is suitable for large scale meeting activities..[image]

#3. Pulau Weh Dive Resort

Well, if you're on vacation in Sabang, you can stay at Pulau Weh Dive Resort, an exclusive lodging located on the beach. Not only close to the beach, this resort allows you to step directly to the beach when out of the resort door.

Facilities that is provided by Pulau Weh Dive Resort are room service, internet room, restaurant, kitchenette and breakfast.

Pulau Weh Dive Resort is located in Iboih Long Beach, Jalan KM 0, Pulau Weh, Aceh.[image]

#4. Gapang Beach Resort

Gapang Beach Resort offers pet-friendly accommodation with free Wi-Fi access and a restaurant in Iboih. The resort with barbecue facilities and garden views invite you to dine in the restaurant or have a drink in the bar. Free private parking is available at the accommodation.

Some accommodation units have a seating area for your convenience.The resort offers a concierge service.

You can do various activities in the surrounding area, including snorkeling and diving. The resort also offers bicycle and car rental services. The nearest airport is Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport, which is 41 km from the accommodation.[image]

#5. Ujong Lembee Homestay

The house is beautiful and private, 3 bedrooms at 1000sq meters just above the sea with views of the sea, Rubiah Island and Sabang city. Located just 5 minutes' walk from the popular Iboih village with its dive shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Incredible snorkelling directly in front of the property.

There is a large veranda to relax and look out to sea. Includes 2 king beds, 1 king-size bed, 1 single bed in lounge and 1 extra mattress. Ocean view from each bedroom. Ceiling fans in all rooms, warm water showers and free WiFi. (Please note though, WiFi could be intermittent.) Kitchen included fridge, stove and water dispenser. Perfect for families or small groups. Maximum 7 people.

All homes and properties are available. Midi is available daily at the Iboih Snorkeling Center located right at the entrance of Iboih village for any questions you may have. She can also help with motorbike and snorkel rental.[image]

And still much more accommodation to be chosen and tailored to the budget we have...:)


In Indonesia, vacationing to the island is synonymous with expensive costs because of the difficulty of transportation. But to get to Weh Island, Aceh, the budget you spend is not so big and can be suppressed. The key is smart in choosing transportation.

Quiet, the choice of public transport to Weh Island is so diverse and available in varying levels of pricing. This time, I will describe the route to Sabang, Pulau Weh starting from Jakarta, Indonesia capital city.

The route we will take are optional. If you are in a hurry and want to save time, then better choose route No. 1, but if you want to travel in relax while enjoying Aceh landscape, then please choose route No. 2 or No. 3.

1. Jakarta - Sabang (Plane)

From Jakarta, you can fly directly to Sabang via Sokearno-Hatta Int' Airport (CGK) to Maimun Saleh Airport (SBG) with Garuda Indonesia Airways or other airlines. The ticket prices tend to fluctuate, following holidays or big days. If you are lucky, then you will get a promo tickets that are relatively cheap.

Follow this link to check the ticket prices > https://www.google.com/flights/?hl=en&authuser=0#search;f=CGK,HLP;t=SBG;d=2017-11-01;r=2017-11-01;tt=o

But, if you want to reduce the cost of the ticket, you can choose to use half of the air path and half of the landline, as will be explained on the routes of number 2 or number 3 below.

2. Jakarta - Banda Aceh - Sabang (Plane and Ferry Boat)

This route you will fly from Jakarta to Banda Aceh via Sokearno-Hatta Int' Airport (CGK) to Sultan Iskandar Muda Int' Airport (BTJ) and than you can continue your trip to Sabang through the sea by ferry boat.

There are two alternatives way to Weh Island that is by fast boat or slow boat (ferry). In a day there are three ferries that sailed from the Port of Ulee-Lheue (Banda Aceh) to the Port of Balohan (Weh Island, Sabang) at 08.00, 11.00, and 16.00. Ticket price is about Rp 25.000 with 2 hours of travel time.

On the way in your ferry, you will be served a beautiful view of the Aceh Sea ( Malacca Strait). Again, If you are lucky you will see a herd of dolphins along your journey as you can see on the video below. So Awesome, right?

Video Source

3. Jakarta - Medan - Banda Aceh - Sabang (Plane, Bus and Ferry Boat)

>This the longest route to visit Sabang from Jakarta. Firstly you can fly as usula from Jakarta to Medan, North Sumatera via Sokearno-Hatta Int' Airport (CGK) to Kualanamu Int' Airport (KNO), and then you can take an inter-city bus from Medan to Banda Aceh which is set at a rate of approximately Rp 200,000. Travel time from Medan to Banda Aceh is about 12 hours.

Along the way you can enjoy the beauty of the mainland of Aceh, while tasting various culinary at every bus stop in Aceh small towns.

And then as explained in the route of number 2 above, you can continue the trip from Banda Aceh to Sabang by ferry boat.


Aceh in general and Sabang in particular is a paradise of various types of Culinary (food and beverages), that ready to shake your tongue. Here are some places that provide various dishes, which travelers recommend to you, although at every inn or hotel, usually already provide it for their guests.

1. Sate Gurita (Octopus Satay)

Satay is indeed a unique food in the city of Sabang, because it's just and just here. The uniqueness of the Octopus Sate is the taste of the octopus meat itself. Do not imagine oily or tough octopus meat. You can taste the soft octopus flesh, coupled with the right peanut sauce, guaranteed one portion will not be enough.

For 1 serving of this delicious Octopus Sate we only need to pay Rp 10,000 only. Satay is usually enjoyed with lontong or rice with different alternatives of spice, Javanese Spice (Seasoning Nuts) or Bumbu Padang. This satay can be found in Pujasera (Center of Local People's Cooking) and in Sabang City Culinary Tour, which is open from 19:00 to 23:00 pm.

2. Mie Jalak

As its name, "Mie Jalak" has a unique taste as well. You can find this noodle at Toko Pulau Baru, Jalan Perdagangan, Kota Sabang. The name of this culinary comes from the name of its founder, "Pak Jalak".

Although it looks simple, it only consists of a rather yellowish colored noodles, with a clear sauce, plus a mixture of bean sprouts, leeks and sprinkles of fish meat cut into small pieces of dice, it tastes delicious. For a full portion of Mie Jalak only need to pay Rp 10,000. If anyone is interested to add eggs, it would be Rp 12,000.

Mie Jalak are always crowded, both tourists and residents of Sabang. This shop is open from 08:00 to 12:00 pm, and re-open at 16:30 to 22:00 pm. If come here on the weekend, you must get ready to queue and hope anxiously it isn't miss out.

3. Gulai Kambing (Goat Curry)

Delicious! That's your first comment since bribing the first spoon of the goat curry into the mouth. You can taste the typical goat curry of Sabang near the Grand Mosque of Sabang. The fragrance and the spices are very strong.

4. Dee Dee's Kitchen (Asian & Western Foods)

This restaurant is located in Iboih beach area. The food served at Dee Dee's Kitchen is so tasty, clean, fresh and MSG-free. The menu is diverse, there are local dishes and also western menus such as sandwiches, pasta, and soups.

Its location is very strategic, on a small beach in Iboih with beautiful views leading to Rubiah Island. They also have ice cream and rent snorkeling equipment if you want to splash after breakfast. And most importantly, all foods served here are "halal food", to keep the comfort of Muslim travelers.

At night this place is suitable for meeting other travelers and chatting. Make sure you try the chapati with guacamole, chicken soup and chicken / avocado sandwich. Everything is very tasty. There is also free wi-fi.

5. Bixio Restobar & Cafe (Indonesian & Italian Cuisines)

This Resto & Cafe is only about 1.3 KM from "Dee Dee's Kitchen", in Iboih Long Beach. Nice place with views of the sea graded blue and white sand. The water would recede every 6 hours and we could see the house of reef here.

You will be spoiled by a typical dish of Indonesia and Italy, a blend of two cultures from its owners, Mr. Luca and Mrs. Eva (Europeans and Indonesians) were very friendly.

The Favorite menu in this place are tiramisu and lassagna. Just if you want to order the lassagna, you must contact the resto 1 day before.

...and of course there are many more places that provide delicious and distinctive menus in Sabang, which you can not pass and ready to shake your tongue.

So what do you think, still hesitate to recommend this place as the location for next stage of the SteemFest...?

If you want to know more more about SteemFest, please refer to its official website at https://steemfest.com and also keep an eye on blog @roelandp as SteemFest's Organizer, to get the latest updates from this event.

Until now, the steemfest has entered stage 2 (SteemFest2), and this time it was held in Lisbon, Portugal. You can find The SteemFest2 Schedule here : https://steemfest.com/mobile.

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