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It's time for a bit of a photo journey of

Steemfest in Amsterdam.

Volks Hotel

At every turn there was a photo opportunity.

As someone who lives behind the camera,

I loved the scenery, 

the smiling faces, 


@Mammasitta and me

the people going places,

@nomadnessie and @heiditravels

@steemrollin and @chhaylin

the connections,

@xanoxt, @ned, @xeroc,, @burnin, @saramiller, and @shla-rafia and me

the aha moments,


and this community that is picking up steem.

@saramiller, @roelandp, and me

@hilarski, @timsaid and @onceupon a time

please reveal to me your name!!

@anahilarski and @saramiller

@comealong and @originate

@roelandp, @ned and @ak2020



There is a whole new world inside of Steemit.

It is what we decide it to be.

All of our combined energies will make it a very powerful platform--

completely up to us to decide.

me, @tatianamoroz, @robrigo, @mrs.steemit and @lisadang

What a fabulous world we can make of our own design,

bringing us all together in one astounding, expansive reality.

Steemit is a place we can all thrive.

There is room for the techies and 

the intelligent geeky guys that make this work.

@roelandp, @xeroc, @good-karma, @furion and @sneak

There is room for the foodies, sports fans, 

travelers, artists, photographers, 

musicians, and gardeners.


@ballinconscious, @roelandp, and @skapaneas

And also the readers, writers, dreamers, 

jokesters, fitness buffs, gamers, 

historians, nature lovers, poker players, 

linguists, investors, activists, 

comedians and more.

Steemfest was a compilation of all of us from 31 countries, varying nationalities,  and socio-economic  backgrounds.  It was a prime example of how people can come together with one common interest and be in love with the beauty of our combined realities.  It felt like family being together, happy, helpful, hug-ful and heart-full.  What euphoric feelings are present!!!  So much love. 

May the steem continue to build and ignite the juicy reality of enduring change.

If we power up ourselves, 

coming together will be even more magnificent.

Together we are the power, 

we are the future, 

and we are the change!


As always - an amazing, eloquent and INSPIRING & MOTIVATING post!!! Thanks for all you do @everlove! <3


And you added more vibrant love! Thank you for that!

(I haven't met you yet)

Next to @xeroc is Feruz M @good-karma witness and developer of eSteem the application for mobile-phones (Android,IOS) So much more fun to use "steemit" from a smartphone ! Try it out ;)

He did also the Steemfest application!

Thank you @lioindani. I saw a picture of him on the Steemfest page but I wasn't for certain certain that he was the same guy so I thought it best to just wait . Thank you. It is so much more fun knowing who actually developed these things. What a blessing there are people who are tuned in to all it takes to make things work. Thank you @good-karma for all you do. It's truly great to meet you.

What wonderful memories!
On the developer panel picture you also have @good-karma

Thank you @opheliafu. I knew someone would know. I'd also love to know who the guy is in the red picture above. I walked along the curtains and there he stood, his silhouette in shades of black with only the light reflecting off his hands and face. I asked to take his picture though there wasn't much light. It's not super clear but I like it anyway. Do you know him too?

Thank you for sharing this. I am grateful!

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Thank you twitterbot!! I hope these photos share the love.

these are awesome shared moments <3

awwwww so awesome ! catching up a little bit looking at all those great moments luv luv luv !!

Made of some really good stuff!

love the pics @everlove thanks for sharing!

Good location, good time, good people)))

Good all around! So blessed!

@comealong and @originate I had a little chat with that couple I just realized that comealong is one of my favorite steem artists. :/

She is very talented, right? I love how Steemfest has connected us so intimately with those we already admire--coming together to inspire! So glad to see you here @skapaneas, you're one of my favorites too!

The fantastic @everlove. Positivity and drive are what you are all about and your messages about awareness and world change are so inspirational. I just hope I don't have to wait too long before we meet again.

We can make happen anything we want to happen!!! Who knows what's in the stars! Thank you for the acknowledgement. Truly grateful to know you.

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