Now that was a weekend for the record books, no doubt in my mind. Also Use > SteemFest-ReConnect!steemCreated with Sketch.

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So I'm currently on my purposefully planned lay over in Dublin Ireland enjoying my stay at the newly opened Business Lounge for American bound travelers. I'm bit tired (most who attended SteemFest I'm sure understand why 😎 ) but very comfortable sitting in this super soft modern chair with a cloudy but great view of the landing strips. The food is simplistic but mouthwatering with some amazing flavors (do I taste a hint of peach? 😂). And although I have 4 hours here most it will be dedicated to the good ole day job, yes its 8am in Boston so my work day must begin! But I just had to @sneak (you see what i did there 😉) in quick post since I have been quite distracted the past few days.

I Just wanted to say that this past weekend was purely and most uniquely one of the best ever and I know most would agree. It was amazing to meet all of you. I was about to try and list all of the uses I had the privilege to engage with but it would take up most of the next page so instead I thought I'd open a dialogue here instead. If you met me, talked with me, drank with me, smoked with me, walked with me, danced with me... or if we missed each other some how... Say Hello! and lets make sure no connections, go unconnected or forgotten. Lets get comments, off comments, off comments guys! intra-post dialogues. I also suggest for all of you to create your own posts like this and make sure that all of these awesome encounters get on the blockchain forever! I will also be making effort to be post more about my travels and life outside of Steemit alongside the apps I create.

So I am starting the tag #steemfest-reconnect , I want to also encourage everyone to resteem these posts to get as much visibility as possible to really get those connections rolling. My hope anyway.

Now back to work sadly.

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It was nice to meet you in person, @blueorgy.


Great meeting you!!

Airport looks awesome!
Thanks for sharing your experience :)
Steem on!


No problem what so ever. ;)

Hey @blueorgy, it was a pleasure having met you at the Steemfest! Have a good flight back to Boston, and I hope your busy schedule will soon allow you to enjoy again one of the outstanding steaks at Abe and Louie's ;-)


Ohh yes I will be enjoying some steak, seafood, and next up sushi three things Boston does very well!

Was good to have a chat with you! The hashtag is a really awesome idea. Keep that post Steemfest buzz going!
#steemfest-reconnect 🙌


Agreed so make sure to go out up a post, I'll make sure to resteem it! Great meeting you

They allowed you in the lounge with those shoes? Standards are dropping ;)


Those aren't any old converse ;) haha

Nice, rock on!


Rock on man!! Ditto

I was really glad to meet you in Amsterdam and share a few funny moments.
Such a great idea, let stay (re-)connected !


Funny moments is a good word for it !! Yes let's

It was great meeting you :P Im glad you weren't 60 years old.... haha


Me too! Thank god il not yet 60, but when it comes I'll be ready , I'll stick with my current age ... for at least another year


Funny I expected @blueorgy to be an old man too...what a surprise!

It was great to meet you at SteemFest, what an amazing event it was!


You as well!

Great meeting up


Good Times!!

I still don't know how I managed not to met you :(


I know what happened? I tried to out myself out there as much as possible , sorry to have missed you!!

What a great idea man! I think I missed you, some of my stay was somewhat ahem blurred!


You're not the only one ;) we may have actually met during one of those blurry times


Haha, I actually think you could be right!!

Was great seeing you, man. I'll let you know next time I'm in Boston ;)


You better! Great meeting yah man!

Hope you enjoyed your slice of Ireland! It was great meeting you, hopefully it won't be too long before the next one


Yes always love stopping by my Homeland, my great grandmas would be proud :) and great meeting you!

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Great idea on #steemfest-reconnect. We didn't get to interact much, hopefully next time!


Yes more interaction is always good! As for the tag it's only good if people go for it and use it , haven't seen another one yet so we will see

so many things to do and see,such a limited time, I think we shared a hi...


Ohh I know , and I believe we did

Steem Porn :-)


Hahaha most defiantly!

I'm really grateful we connected. <insert winky face emoticon and/or heart>


Wonderful to meet you as well!!! Big heat :)

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Was great meeting you and to be very honest I am still find your username a bit mysterious :)

Great pics! Thx for sharing

You were a well-behaved and intersting dinner companion with your fine Bosotn manners!


Only problem is when I knock over bottles of wine and break dinner plates but other then that I'm a golden boy! Great meeting and talking with you as well!