Welcome to Steemfest 3000 | My Entry for #SteemFastForward (contest sponsored by @blocktrades&@sndbox)

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As I've mentioned quite a few times already, I'm really looking forward to Steemfest 3 (also, to Steemfest3000, if they develop the technology to keep me around until then). And so, when I found this wonderful futuristic contest sponsored by @sndbox and @blocktrades to win a ticket to Steemfest 3, I knew I had to enter.

The Task

For the contest, we were asked to do out best to create Steemfest 3000 - it could be a drawing, cartoon, sculpture etc. Artsy stuff. And we were supposed to imagine what Steemfest 3000 would look like. Well, I can truly say I gave it my best shot.

The Plan

I've never been amazing at drawing and I've always favored cartoons rather than "real people" in my drawings (as you will soon see). And my first idea was not to participate, but then I kept thinking and ideas came rolling in. Like the idea for a wall of past Steemians and other stuff.
So, I set about doing it. First, I started working on the Steemians. I picked only a few, whom I thought would be remembered in the future. Ned and Dan were musts, of course.
Ned - in progress

And I added a few others I felt would be remembered.
It was easier than I thought, although I did have quite a bit of trouble doing @roelandp, but it all came out alright in the end.
Onward with more sketches. I started imagining the attendants of Steemit 3000 - crazy aliens, as well as some humans. Teleporting visions as well as flesh'n'bone. So I drew up those guys as well and finally, I did the sketches for the walls. Gooood. Now how do I do it?

I was going to do something like a poster at first, but the more I thought the more certain I became that I needed something more 3D. So, I set out to buy some cardboard. And then, I measured and cut it up in the shape and size of a real room.
Then, once that was done, I set about preparing the three walls (yes, it's a see-in room :P): The Gallery of Past Steemians, The Steemfest 3000 Wall and the Crypto Gazing Wall, along with the Taraz Corner.

The Gallery of Past Steemians

@ned and @dan - for obvious reasons.

@blocktrades and @curie - because they do a lot for the community, they sponsor big guys as well as little guys. I'm surely not alone in saying that a big @curie upvote made me keep on writing.

@aggroed - obviously because he's a big voice in the community and, likewise does a lot for it (I could only find pictures of him making faces, so don't blame me!).
@anomadsoul - because of his huge involvement with the community, again. I think those are the people who are gonna get remembered on the blockchain -the ones who strive to grow their communities. And @anomadsoul does that a lot.
@roelandp - well, this one should be obvious, but I'll give you a hint. Steemfest.

The Steemfest 3000 Wall

Well, this one really isn't all that much - I mean it kinda speaks for itself, you know?

Crypto Gazing

I thinkt that in the future, much like now, people are going to be spending a lot of time checking the markets an their blockfolios, hence the crypto gazing spot. Why do it in a corner on your phone (or in your head, as might be the case by then) when you can do it out in the open?

The Taraz Corner

We all know what a prolific man @tarazkp is and I don't think I'm the only one slightly in awe of the quantity he puts out daily. So, I thought it'd be fun if he was remembered at future Steemfest by a little corner in which folks can just sit and think up a post in peace, while not missing any of the action.

I got all sorts of fun ideas while doing this and I just rolled with it, so I ended up with a lot of fun, slightly weird, but definitely relatable characters.


Any X-Files fans out there?

These are just a couple, because a good magician never gives away all her tricks. But there will be a second phase of the contest and if I'm lucky enough to pass, you'll get to see more of Steemfest 3000. But yeah, people are thinking up posts unto the blockchain (which has obviously expanded by quite a bit) and teleporting and doing all sorts of other cool stuff like that!

So, that's pretty much what I think Steemfest 3000 is gonna be like -for now. If you'd like to join the contest and try your luck at a Steemfest 3 ticket, click here. As alwas, big thank you to @blocktrades and @sndbox for sponsoring this awesome contest and to @anomadsoul for hosting it (?) - or at least making it known to me!

Thank you for reading,


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Very cool drawings! I feel like I've just walked into a bar from Star Wars. :)

And cute pic of you! At first glance I thought you walked into a pole on the street while taking a selfie. :P Then I figured out you were holding the rolled up cardboard.

You picked good people to include in your art. Good luck in the contest!


Ha thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I hope you like the finished thing! :D

Hahaha I love the alien and teleporting visions idea! And that Taraz corner is gold :D


haha thank you :D wait till you see the finished thing ;)
Have fun in Canada, by the way!