Follow The Steem Experience Curation Trail!

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Hi Steemians,
We have created a curation trail on so now you can follow the @experienced trail to automatically vote in front of the @steemexperience account on posts that are enhancing the Steem experience!

We strategically vote on quality content to maximize not just curation rewards, but also positive interaction on the Steem blockchain and The Steem Experience. We also hope to us SMTs to incentivize more of this positive interaction.

One of the main goals of The Steem Experience is to improve the experience people are having with Steem. The TSE Discord is a place for steemians to collaborate, communicate, and be entertained. On our Discord channel we help each other to navigate the Steemiverse!

How to Follow the @experienced Trail

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Register"
  3. Click "continue" to authorize SteemConnect to verify your Steem identity
  4. Enter your user name and private posting key
  5. Add @steemauto to your account posting auths by clicking the "SteemConnect(recommended)" button
  6. Click continue to Authorize
  7. Enter your username and private active key and click enter
  8. Now you are connected and can follow @experienced by searching for "experienced" in the curation trail tab or by going to
  9. Now just click "Follow" and then "ok" when it asks if you are sure.
  10. And finally click "settings' and adjust the percentage to the amount desired. It defaults to 50% if you don't change it

    Thank You

    We appreciate you following the @experienced trail and helping us to enhance the Steem experience!

    If you have any questions or concerns, come chat with me and many other Steemians on the The Steem Experience Discord


Consider me signed up!

This is great news

I just joined but I am from Austria and not really sure where to start

Hi, you just joined what?

Sorry man, I have to leave the group. I was feeling like, I am in the wrong place. It just me , nothing to do with the group, I just feel like I can’t keeping up with anybody.

hmmm, I don't think I ever saw you on discord. You are always welcome. Best of luck to you.

On behalf of everyone new to this community, I want to thank you for these initiatives to us. Many times it is difficult to get notoriety and support here, and you do it selflessly and I really appreciate it.
Btw I would like very much if you could read some of my posts ... I really put a lot of love and effort into them. I only ask that vote for me if I deserve it, but you would make me incredibly happy if you at least read it!
Receiving your support is like a dream to me
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

I like your writing. I don't like the image/text format that you used in your last two posts. Also, I think it is good to link back to the source when you use an image that is not yours unless you are getting it from pixabay or something like that.

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