You kill too?

It's what the government wants us all to be. It makes one think because the facts and reasons given do not make much sense to me.
One of the reasons given is eating animals and killing them is cruel. Another reason is keeping them is cruel and the next reason given it's bad for the environment.

Eating animals
Its true humans do not have the same teeth as predators, we can not kill with our teeth and rip an animal apart and swallow it without tasting but it doesn't mean we can live without meat. One of the most essential vitamins needed is vitamin B12 and you can not find it in plants this besides the fact plants are hard to digest and we do not have what herbivores have, different ways to make digesting possible. If that was the case we would eat like a cow or eat our poop as a rabbit does.
There's no need to kill in a painful way although it's what humans do if it comes to their fellow humans.

Keeping animals
Some might be kept under worse circumstances but what is bad is what we think or want it to be. Many animals in my country have a way better life than the people I know. Cows have stables in the right temp and people sit in the freezing cold. In nature, animals will live under different circumstances and they survive. It makes them stronger.

The environment
By now everything is bad for the environment. Of course, animals are, even nature is but strangely enough, humankind is not. The animals eat, shit, and damage too much which means they need to be reduced but what I wonder about is why no one, not one politician, says that about the human race. Let's we honest no matter what humans eat, shit, or need it's bad for the environment.

Whole nations being vegan will not be the solution. It will not benefit the environment because we kill a weak, unhealthy race. A race that leaves on plants and vitamin and mineral tablets. Those plants need to grow somewhere, which means trees need to be cut down (any idea what you set free, what poisons the air if you cut down a tree?) more factories are needed, chemicals, plastic, transport...

I don't know what humans should eat from origin but it's not plants only. We can simply not digest it, it doesn't provide in the needs of our body and if the mineral is available at all in a plant we need to eat bout 20-60% more to get the daily recommended amount. If your body can take it in at all. More alarming is how many people develop food allergies. Allergies against wheat, rice, etc. How come there are no meat allergies (fish does exist)?

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Scientists say food is alive and real.
They say they proved plants do feel
and respond to pain just like me.
If you touch them you can easily see
they are suffering and you feel their misery.

Now I know...

But my concern is what about me?
What should I eat, how can I stay healthy?
If what's on my plate keeps begging me with tearing eyes "Please, set me free.
I'm a living person, I guarantee
I'll never kill like you intend to do with me"?


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