Steeming News - WTF IS HAPPENING! (Comment - Share - Win)


Hi Steempies!

Thanks for tuning in on our first ever Friday Roundup & Steeming News! Steem is on FIRE and it is wonderful to see how many people join the daily challenges and start using #steemexclusive!

Our curation trail is slowly but surely gaining followers again and we kindly invite you too!

When done: make a coffee, relax, chill, here is the NEWS!

News & Facts From Around The Block

  • Today @kiwi-crypto announced that he will be sponsoring #spud4steem. He gives 3 X 500 STEEM POWER for 21 DAYS! The homeland of the Hobbits, generous people!

  • We have more generous souls, @steemitblog has set 2 charities on Steemit as beneficiaries of all the future post payout of #the100daysofsteem. @Littledisciples and @thegreens are active on Steemit since 2017. We ask everyone to help promote #charitythursday #charity. Check Thursday for our own contribution too!

  •, the world's largest crypto payment gateway has integrated STEEM SBD and TRON. Thousands of websites and webshops around the globe can now accept payments in these currencies! Well, Justin, that is 30k well spend!! This opens up a lot of business opportunities and we can't wait to read the community their ideas!

  • Crypto Exchange Poloniex has successfully launched its Referral program. You earn 20% on their trading fees, they get 10%. First time on Poloniex? Here is our exclusive invite code: KGBESSQN Go check it out and invite your friends too!

  • We are happy for our partners at TRON, they reached the 6 million wallets and have now 768 reported Dapps on the network!

Oh and BTW


  • Steemit has chosen its curators for the month of June. We can NOT be more proud to be given this honor and we pledge to Steemit and his amazing community that we will do some awesome curation.
    As stated before, the @steemingcurators LOVE exclusiveness, undervalued honest hardworking people, and general great content. If you feel like I am talking to you, its because I am. Joehoee! Seriously, we will find you!

  • @steemingcurators is hiring bounty hunters! Yes, everyone, but preferably users with less then 1500SP are invited to help us find great content! Comment under a post the command:
    @steemingcurators curate, + a little personal message why we should upvote it. Your comment will also receive an upvote. (easy-peasy rules. No spam, no hate, no discrimination, none of it)



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