Slow day...alll i could find was 19..

The hackers are slackers...

Thank you for these Naughty Nineteen - will pass them on.

Another slow day today - only 16

have a good day

It is time that Dan Notestein's labels be removed from the interface.
Blacklists such as irredeemables and buildawhale.
The latter may have been removed already, but the former exists to this day.
It is also long overdue to allow delegations and account claims from the wallet interface.
Notestein's fork already has both.

And the steemcleaners and spaminator are still a part of the old cabal.
Still farming rewards on the expense of civilian/pedestrian users.
The new regime already silenced spaminator and cheetah from the interface, but still allows them to farm rewards.
Censoring them was bad, because it prevented me from downvoting them.
I have no bots yet, I just use steemit and steempeak.
You should put an end to the rewards farm operation by steemcleaners-spaminator-guiltyparties-logic, anyx/cheetah/seraph, adm/smooth.
I have been downvoting them with all my ability for over a year, but my ability is minuscule and doing so even shrinks it further.

When ned controlled STEEM there was no one to report to.
Unless one was a big donor ("stake holder"), perhaps.

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