This is a profitable vegetable cultivation method throughout the year in Bangladesh.

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Vegetables are an important crop. In the language of agricultural science, vegetables are called agricultural crops. Just as a nutritious vegetable crop is important, it is also commercially important. That is why it is important to know modern vegetable farming techniques.

And modern techniques mean scientific farming. Bangladesh's climate and climate are ideal for growing vegetables. However, since not all vegetables are grown nationally, not all vegetables are produced year-round. Vegetable varieties are produced in each region. Also, special types of vegetables can be produced at special times of the year.

Here are some easy-to-produce vegetables all year round across the country. Red spinach, datashak, puishak, kalmishak, sweet potato, dherash, carrot, barbati, tomato, broth and laushak, jute, cucumber, kanchakala, brinjal, i -papaya, karla, kachushak, kachur lati, coriander leaves, mint leaves etc. . In addition, some unusual specialty vegetables are produced as specialty for special areas. Some of the plants above are just vegetables and some are herbs and herbs.