The Diary Game// Mother's Day( How i spent my day) 09/05/2022

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Hello Everyone, how are you and how has been our day?
To every woman out there, every mother, every prospective mothers i say Happy Mother's day to you all!!! You are enough, you are doing just fine.
My Day today was fun/interesting! Its Mother's day and its also sunday.
Got up early this morning not even knowing it was mother's day, i did my chores and prepared my son for church after which i got ready and we left for service around 8.50am.
Church began with praise and worship, followed by prayers and then the word ( preaching). After which Mother's Day program began😁
The children in church started by singing beautiful and head sweeling song for the mother's after which they present a little token of their love(gift) to every woman in church ( seasoning cubes).
After that the men all rose up to their feet and rendered romantic songs to all the women and wife, oh it was heartwarming and earpleasing! I had fun ...The look on the men's faces , the genuineness in their tones, woow i cudnt but say the role of a woman in a home or society cannot be over emphasized. It was a great day indeed.

Nextyear will be better for us all... peace!

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