Swimming & Chicken

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Today after spending most of the day in the freezer at -20 i decided a swim was in order, there were 4 or 5 other people so i had the pool more or less to myself.

Had a swim then lay in the sun soaking up some Tasmania sun, then i headed back to the hotel and then into town for a look around.

Only two days of work to go then on Saturday it's my travel day back home which i am looking forward to.



So the 5 x bags of Chicken twisties i sent home 10 days ago finally made it, my partner was very happy and it turned up on Valentines day.

I will also be taking home 4 x bags in my luggage plus some Nestle pods as you cant get them in NZ either.

Here is my roast chicken with pumpkin peas & gravy plus some pasta which was very nice and filling, i may miss charcoal chicken when i leave but its nothing that cannot be made at home.


Right its time for a walk to walk off some of my yummy dinner, then bedtime

Have a great day from me here in Australia 🦘

all pics are mine
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I bet you can’t wait to get back. Home sweet home 🏡

Yep after nearly 3 weeks cant wait

Chicken twisties? This is the first time i've heard of them. What do they taste like? 🤔 They must be really good if you're sending them home... That peas and gravy dish looks awesome. I'm over in Vietnam now and I can't see any kind of food like that around. Just rice and Bahn mi. 😭

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